Chapters 16 and 17: Energy Resources and Efficiency

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Quizlet for Chapter 16

Quizlet for Chapter 17

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Chapters 16-17 PowerPoint

Review Guide for Chapters 16-17

Day 1:(Mon)(2/12/18)

Design Parameters for a Wind Turbine (White Boards)

FRQ From Chapter 13


Day 2:(Tue)

Two Short Videos on Wind Energy

Design and Test Wind Turbine Blades

Day 3:(Wed)

Redesign Wind Turbine Blades and Test

Day 4:(Thu)

FRQ on Alternative Energy

Day 5:(Tue)

Go Over Factors Affecting Solar Energy

Test Solar Poetential

Day 7:(Wed)

Go Over Data of Solar Volts and Amps

Discuss, on White Boards, Factors Involved in Carbon Footprint (LCA) of Solar vs Wind

Day 8:(Thur)

Consolidate LCA Factors and Determine Lowest Carbon Footprint

Create Social and Economic Considerations of Solar and Wind Energy (white boards)

Day 9:(Fri)(2/26/2018)

Vocab Quiz

Set up Decision Matrix Factors (White Boards)

Day 10:(Mon)

Research on Alternative Energy

Day 11:(Tue)

Alternative Energy Presentations

Day 12:(Wed)(3/3/2018)

Complete Presentations on Decision Matrix (White Boards)

Day 13:(Thur)

Lecture Quiz


Day 13:(Thur)

Test on Chapters 16-17

FRQ on Oil Reserves

FRQ on Renewable vs Nonrenewable Energy