Chapter 14

Here are the assigned problems for Chapter 14: #2,6,8,17,22a-b,25,27,29,33,37,43,47,51,53,55,57,63,65,69,75,77,81,95.

Chapter PowerPoint

Summary and Practice Problems


Answers to Even Problems

Lecture I

Lecture II

Lecture III

Day 1:(Fri)(12/15/2017)

Go over Ch. 9 and 10 Test

Day 2:(Mon)

Lecture through #29 in HW.

Elephant toothpaste.

Day 3:(Tue)

Lectured half-life and #51

Day 4:(Wed)

WS on Rate Laws

Lectured Arrhenius Equation and Examples

Day 5:(Thur)

Went over Rate Law WS


Day 6:(Fri)(1/22/17)

Dry Ice Lab

Day 7:(Mon)

Went over Rate Law WS.


Day 8:(Tue)

Catalyst and Reaction Mechanisms

Day 9:(Wed)

Discuss Clock Reaction Lab and Pre-Lab

Day 10:(Thur)

Clock Reaction Lab

Day 11:(Fri)(1/12/2018)

Complete Lab

Day 12:(Tue)

Complete Clock Reaction Lab calculations

Completed Lecture and Problems

Day 13:(Wed)

FRQ on Kinetics

Day 14:(Thur)

Cu in Brass Lab Pre-Lab

Day 15:(Fri)

Cu in Brass Lab

Day 16:(Mon)

Go over FRQ and HW

Turn in Clock Reaction Lab

Day 17:(Tue)

Day 18:(Wed-Fri)(1/24-26/2018)


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