Chapter 3: Ecosystems

Summary for PowerPoint



Lecture I

Lecture II

Lecture III

Lecture IV

Soil PowerPoint


Kahoot Review

Day 1:(Tue)(10/3/2017)

Eating Lower on the Food Chain

Day 2:(Wed)

Outside research continues

Go over Eating Lower on the Food Chain.

Day 3:(Thur)

Dirt ribbon test


Day 4:(Fri)

Library assignment for research on Nutrient Cycle Project

Enriching Our Seas to Death

Day 5:(Mon)

Biodiversity survey

Quiz on Vocab (Quizlet)

Day 6:(Tue)

Outside research

FRQ on Soil

Day 7:(Wed)

Calculating Terrestrial Productivity

Day 8:(Thur)

Collect Nutrient Cycle Projects

Lecture Quiz

A Vital Commodity

Day 9:(Fri)

Dirt the Video

Day 10:(Mon)

Review for Test

Day 11:(Tue)(10/17/2017)

Chapter 3 Test