Chapters 7, 8, and 9: Population and Community Ecology

Very Interesting Article on Wolves

and Moose on Isle Royale

Day 1:(Mon)(11/28/2017)

Pop Quiz Activity

Population Circle

Day 2:(Tue)

Top of the Food Chain and Borneo Cats Activity

Day 3:(Wed)

Caribou Conundrum Activity

Outside research

Day 4:(Thur)

Completed Caribou Conundrum activity

Research on Demographics of Country in Library

Day 5:(Fri)


FRQ on Biomes

Day 6:(Mon)

Lectured through secondary succession

Wolves on Isle Royale

Day 7:(Tue)

Cemetery Lab

Day 8:(Wed)

Soap Bubble Survivorship

Day 9: (Thur)

Complete Soap Bubble activity

Day 10:(Fri)(12/8/2017)

Lecture exponential vs logistic growth models

Discussed rats and rhino in the garage

Hand out Population Profile

Day 11:(Mon)

Gather Population Profile Class Data

Lectured from Survivorship Curves to Fertility Rates

Day 12:(Tue)

Graph Population Profile Data

Lecture Quiz I


Day 13:(Wed)

Money in the Bank Act.

Day 14:(Thur)

FRQ on Population Growth

Day 15:(Fri)(12/15/17)

Quiz on Vocab from Chapter 7-9

Unfair Race


Day 16:(Mon)

Go to Computer Lab 1 for Population Presentation Research

Day 17:(Tue)


Day 18:(Wed)

Lecture Quiz II

Review for test and Kahoot

Day 19:(Thur)(12/21/2017)

Chapter 7-9 Test

Day 20:(Fri)

Take a Stand

Mark and Recapture Lab

Everything is Connected

Invasive Species Activity(Did not do)