Chapter 4: Evolution and Biodiversity



Summary Guide to the PowerPoint

Lecture I

Lecture II

Lecture III

Lecture IV

Review Guide

Kahoot Review Game

Day 1:(Wed)(10/18/2017)

Go over Chapter 1-2 Test Highlights

Biodiversity Through Time Activity

Outside Research

Day 2:(Thur)

History of Life Timeline

Significance of Biodiversity Activity

Lecture on Evolution

Day 3:(Fri)

Habitat Island

Go over Chapter 3 Test Highlights

Day 4:(Mon)

Go to library to work on Endangered Species project

Day 5:(Tue)

Wooly Worm Activity


Day 6:(Wed)

Quizlet Quiz

Outside Research

Day 7:(Thur)

Parking Lot Diversity Activity

Day 8:(Fri)

FRQ on invasive species

Complete Parking lot diversity act.

Day 9:(Mon)(10/30/2017)

Presentations on Endangered Species.

Day 10:(Tue)

Lecture Quiz

Go over FRQ

Day 11:(Wed)(11/1/2017)

FRQ on Worms

Outside Research

Day 12:(Thur)

Endangered species video.

Day 13:(Fri)

Kahoot review

Go over FRQ on Worms

Day 14:(Mon)(11/6/2017)

Chapter 4 Test