Chapter 8

Here are the assigned problems for Chapter 8: #7,11,19,21,26,27,33,35,37,41,47,53,55,63,69.

Chapter PowerPoint

Summary and Practice Problems


Lecture I

Lecture II

Lecture III

Day 1:(Wed)(10/30/2019)

Second day of Reaction Predictions

Day 2:(Thur)

Continue lecture on Chemical Bonding. Lectured through bond polarity. #41.

Day 3:(Fri)

Lectured up through Lewis structures and turned in Reaction Predictions.

Day 4:(Mon)

Completed lecture

Day 5:(Wed)

Bond enthalpy assignment

Day 6:(Thur)

Reviewed Equation Writing and Bond Enthalpy assignment.

Review for test.

Day 7:(Fri)(11/8/2019)