Chapter 16

Here are the assigned problems for Chapter 16: #3,4,6,13,18,21,25,29,31,39,43,47,49,53,57,61,65,73,75,81,87,89,99.

Chapter PowerPoint 1

Chapter PowerPoint 2

Summary and Practice Problems

Answers to Even Problems


Lecture I

Lecture II

Lecture III

Day 1:(Mon)(2/12/2018)

Demo of Acid Base and Mg(OH)2

Lectured up through Calc Ka from pH problem.

Day 2:(Tue)

Lectured up through number #53

Day 3:(Wed)

Complete lecture and discuss titrations and pre-lab

Day 4:(Thur)

Lectured binary acids, oxyacids and ions in solution

Lectured up through pH of acetic acid example problem

Day 5:(Tue)

Complete Pre-Lab

Go over HW

Day 6:(Wed)

Indicator Lab

Day 7:(Thur)

Complete lab and go over any homework problems

Day 8:(Fri)(2/23/2018)