UNIV International Congress in Rome

Allow me to share with you our experiences in UNIV Rome in the year 2000, Jubilee Year:




                                 (A)                                                                      (B)


These were shots we took in Rome during UNIV2000.  To the left you see Weng Cheng presenting a paper.  For more UNIV2000 shots, please go to: http://www.flickr.com/photos/wengonline/



 (C)                        (D)                        (E)


  • Holy Monday: General Congress (men & women) - see picture (C) above
    • a keynote speech is delivered (in 2000, it was Don Joaquín Navarro-Valls, Pope John Paul II's spokesperson, and Mrs. Janne Halland Matlary, an important diplomat/politician in Norway)
    • presentation of Social Projects on Video - see picture (E) above
  • Holy Tuesday:
    • Morning - Major speakup at Domus Mariae (women only) - see picture (B) above
    • Afternoon - parallel sessions (you choose which session you want to attend; we sat at where Weng Cheng was going to attend) - picture (A) above
    • Afterwards - International Get-together - (the Africans in picture (D) above)

It was a great learning experience!!!

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