Materials for BA220 Section of Prof. Aliza Racelis
Check this site for any materials (apart from the Textbook) we shall be using in class.

Module 4 slides: Module4a_Cost_Accumulation.ppt , Module4b_ABC.ppt

Module 5 slides: Module5-Decision-Making-Part2.ppt  (Module 3 was "Decision-Making Part1")

Module 6 slides: Module6-Control_Concepts-Intro.ppt

Module 6 (Aug. 9 lecture handouts): Module6-HANDOUTS.doc

Follow this link for the Journal Articles required for reading in class...

ALLTel Pavilion - Blocher Chen BA220-ALLTel-blocherchen.pdf

Anthony BA220-Anthony.pdf

Arya BA220-Arya-CustomvsStandardPerforman.pdf

Bhide&Stevenson, "Why be Honest" (Abstract) Why_Be_Honest-HBR-Abstract.doc

Caplan BA220-Caplan.pdf

Cardinaels, Roodhooft, Warlop BA220-cardinaels_roodhooft_warlop.pdf

Cokins BA220-Cokins.pdf

Cooper BA220-Cooper.pdf

Dearman, Shields BA220-dearman_shields.pdf

Drucker, "Be Data Literate" (Abstract) BeDataLiterate-Drucker-Abstract.doc

Hansen BA220-hansen.pdf

Hicks BA220-hicks.pdf

Ittner, Larcher, Randall BA220-ittner_larcher_randall.pdf

Kaplan, "CompetitiveAdvantageOfMgtActg BA220-Kaplan-CompetitiveAdvantage.pdf

Lyall, Graham BA220-lyall_graham.pdf

Maher BA220-maher.pdf

Main Line vs. Basinger BA220-Relevant_costs_in_MainLine_vs_.doc