Incontro Romano
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Incontro Romano: A passion for service


What is Incontro Romano?



Incontro Romano is an international forum for students that underlines the importance of woman’s role in the professions directed towards the person.

The project culminates in an annual Congress in Rome. The participants show the initiatives which they have undertaken in their countries, in this way showing the importance these professions have in society.

Incontro Romano aims to deepen in the participants their understanding of the service profession. Each year the Congress addresses a topic which encourages the study of the service sector and particularly the importance of the women’s role in this sector.  It was launched in 1990 in Rome with the title: "La Donna, il Lavoro e la Famiglia nel Mondo" (Woman, Work and the Family in the World).

The Congress is open to female students from all over the world taking up courses in the hospitality and service sectors. In preparation for the Congress the students have to prepare a Paper, Poster, Video Presentation or Practical Demo on the topic in question.  The 2007 Congress which entered its 17th year, proposed the topic: Live the Family – Home ArtIncontro Romano’s proposal for 2007 was to study the theoretical and practical aspects of the relationship between the harmonic dimension that should be found between professional hospitality and service together with life in the family and house chores. 


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Incontro Romano 2007:

Incontro Romano (Rome) 2007 put together around 280 participants coming from around 10 countries, including Malta, Germany, Brazil, Spain, Italy, France, Japan, the United States, and Hong Kong. 


Incontro Romano (Philippines) 2008:


Tahanan Kaligayahan




  “Service Industry Trends: Focus on Asia / the Philippines” 

“Development of Virtues through the Tasks in the Home”

“Making Home Dining More Palatable and Attractive”

“Filipino Youths’ Propensity towards Providing Hospitality”

Ang Dalagang Pilipina: Training in Human Tone and Elegance”

“The Value-Added of the Domestic Economy in the Philippines: Reflections on the Economic Contribution of the Work of Housewives and Domestic Helpers”

“Forms of Rest and Recreation in the Filipino Family”

“Efficiency Improvements in Kitchens”

“Bringing Basic Nutrition to the Needy”

“Problem-Solving and Happiness in the Management of the Home”

“Attracting Filipino Youths towards Culinary Services”

“Analysis of Home- and Family-Oriented Films”


v    In Rome, the Institution that organizes the Congress is called SAFI (Scuole e Attività Formative Internazionali) (International School for Formative Activities).  You may visit their website at:  SAFI, in turn, was created by the Association Centro ELIS (Educazione, Lavoro, Istruzione, Sport) which was inaugurated in 1965.  

v    The activities carried out in collaboration with various organizations in developing countries have led Centro ELIS to promote a cultural and educational initiative encouraging the interchange of experiences relating to the promotion of the role of woman in various NGOs in all five continents.  Since 1991, Incontro Romano has seen the participation of thousands of students and professionals in the service sector —medical and nursing professions, hotel & restaurant & tourism sectors, education, domestic work, etc.— from all corners of the world.  The delegates discuss very important topics, take part in conferences and present their various projects with the aim of promoting the growth of the individual, under his/her various aspects, in the various social and professional sectors.  The objective of the participants’ work has always been linked to the need of going deeper into and sharing personal experiences related to the role of the woman in society and the promotion of her “feminine genius”.