UNIV 2011

UNIV 2011
Theme: "Living Freedom Decisively"

Based on the 'conceptual diagram' above, some of the ideas for
UNIV papers that come to my head are:

  • Social Sciences and Philosophy:
    • "I want to be free! Notions and definitions"
    • "Veritas liberabit vos: How truth sets free our reason and will"
    • "Freedom as a hallmark of the 'Personalist attitude' "
    • The Commitment of True Freedom Fighters in History
  • Science, Technology and Business:
    • "Issues in Bioethics: How free can Science get?"
    • "Mass Media at the service of Freedom: Problems and proposals"
    • Is the "free market" truly free? An economic and sociological analysis
    • Responsible Managerial Decision Making
  • Arts and Letters:
    • A review of the works of selected Freedom authors
    • Born Free! Freedom as theme in Music and Poetry
    • 'Gift of Tongues': Using marketing and communications for teaching freedom
    • Law as a gift: Authority, Freedom, Dissent...Unity
  • Youth and Commitment:
    • World Youth Days: A Survey of Fruits of Commitment and Vocation
    • Education in Freedom in the Home and Family
    • "Social Networking Sites: Am I truly free?"

Please read developed theme:




Works on 'Freedom' by Msgr. Cormac Burke:


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