Ave Maria University

Ave Maria University is a vibrant university located in beautiful southwest Florida. It is an academic institution that pledges faithfulness to the teachings of the Church and is committed to providing one of the finest classical liberal arts curricula available.  

Ave Maria is known for faithfulness to the magisterium of the Catholic Church, a caring faculty and staff, and a unique educational philosophy that strives to develop the whole person. See the Mission Statement of Ave Maria University and our brief History. Academics is the heart of every educational institution. It is what we strive to do best within a truly wholesome Catholic environment.

The professional staff and challenging curriculum provide students with training that empowers them to step out into the working world with a strong confidence in their academic foundation.



The University takes as its mission the sponsorship of a liberal arts education curriculum dedicated, as articulated in the apostolic constitution Ex Corde Ecclesiae, to the advancement of human culture, the promotion of dialogue between faith and reason, the formation of men and women in the intellectual and moral virtues of the Catholic faith, and to the development of professional and pre-professional programs in response to local and societal needs.

Founded in fidelity to Christ and His Church in response to the call of Vatican II for greater lay witness in contemporary society, Ave Maria University exists to further teaching, research, and learning at the undergraduate and graduate levels in the abiding tradition of Catholic thought in both national and international settings.

As an institution committed to Catholic principles, the University recognizes the importance of creating and maintaining an environment in which faith informs the life of the community and takes expression in all its programs.

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Ave Maria University is "the most Catholic Catholic" college in the U.S., and has academics superior to almost all other Catholic schools, according to a survey of American higher education published by the respected religious journal First Things.

"Faith on campus is vibrant" at AMU, the editors of First Things wrote in their November issue, and "provides students with the opportunity to express their faith in all that they do."

First Things says it spent two years analyzing publicly-available data and conducting its own surveys on more than 2,000 U.S. colleges "to cast a light on the place of religion -- or lack thereof -- on American college campuses today." It published detailed rankings and descriptions of 105 schools in its November issue.

Ave Maria University tops the magazine's list of the 12 "Most Catholic Catholic Schools," a list that includes bedrocks of Catholic higher education such as Christendom College, Franciscan University of Steubenville, Thomas Aquinas College and the University of Dallas. 


On Jan. 2, 2011, Feast of the Epiphany, I had the great luck of visiting Ave Maria University!

With the Pakaluks, outside the Church of Ave Maria University :-)

With my Mom, taking a stroll after the 10AM Mass, Jan. 2, 2011.

Manger at Ave Maria University.


Here's Michael Pakaluk's Ave Maria University blog:



Praying for Ave Maria University...and for the chance to go back there! :-)