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Reality Check: Discovering Human Identity in a Digital World


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Philosophy, Sociology, Anthropology, Law:

· Metaphysics: Revisiting Thomism &Aristotelianism

· “Personalist” currents: Learning from Blessed John Paul II and other Personalists

· History of political thought: Where/When did the human person disappear?

· Human identity in the Human Rights Movement

Science & Math, Life Sciences:

· The Business of Abortion: Unmasking Anti-Life Propaganda

· In Praise of Pro-Life Scientists (Jerome Lejeune, etc.)

· Educating the Less Privileged: Leveraging on Web-based Science/Math Teaching

· Sustainable Development: Adding “Human” to Development

Pedagogy, Business & Economics:

· “Ideal” Educational Frameworks: Idea of the University by John Henry Newman

· Serving Human Dignity and the Common Good in Business: Goods that are truly good and services that truly serve

· Economics of Human Capital: Attending to individuals amidst collectivities

· Home-School Collaboration and Mentoring/Coaching: Challenges and Recommendations

Arts, Communication, Fashion, Culture:

· The Internet/TV/Ads: Instances of Objectification of Women

· Social Networks: Where is the human “face” in Facebook?

· Educating Young Persons in Elegance and Modesty: A Gameplan”

· “Film/Music Idols and theirimpact on young persons: A Survey”

Year of Faith (Oct. 2012 - Nov. 2013):

· Evangelization and the Internet: How the Church [specific Church groups] pursues individuals taking advantage of advanced means.

· The Family Under Siege: Proposals for and from Christians (FamiliarisConsortio, etc.)

· Preferential Option for the Poor: Fund-raising and Social Enterprise through the Internet and Social Networking Sites


Official developed theme for 2013:

“The digital world is opening a world of possibilities in communications, in the economy and in personal relations. Even twenty years ago, only a few visionaries would have guessed how naturally we would come to terms with this world. The Internet and its associated technologies allows us to communicate with an ease unprecedented in history: to spread ideas, share information, offer help, resolve problems, get to know people with similar interests, develop business projects…”

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