Corporate Governance materials

Corporate Governance powerpoints used during AsiaLink Echo Seminars:

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OUTLINE followed:


                                           Aliza D. Racelis

                          Suggested Outline for the ASIA-LINK Echo Seminars






1:30 – 2:15

A.            History and Nature of Corporate Governance


Separation of Ownership from Control; Principal-Agent Problem

2:20 – 3:05

B.           The Environment of Corporate Governance: Influences


Philippine Corporate Governance: Issues and Reforms

(Paper by Dr. Erlinda Echanis)

3:10 – 3:55

C.           Role of the following in Corporate Governance:


Boards of Directors


Accountants and Auditors


Banks and Analysts


Creditors and Credit Rating Agencies


Shareholders and Shareholder Activism

4:00 – 4:30

D.           Emerging Corporate Governance Issues:


1.      Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002


2.      Others

       Readings and References: 

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To AsiaLink Echo Seminar students: THANK YOU VERY MUCH for a wonderful time in UP Cebu (June 8) & UP Mindanao (Davao) (June 13)!!!

-- AsiaLink Echo Seminar at UP Mindanao School of Management, Davao City--

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