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Universitas: Un sapere senza frontiere

Universitas: Un saber sin fronteras


The International University Congress (UNIV) is an annual student research congress that culminates in Rome every year during the Holy Week.  It's a year-long project that engages the minds and hearts of young people as they dialogue with peers, professors, and friends, and causes them to find out more about themselves and about who they truly are as they engage in the research activity.

But what is the truth about the member of the University community?

John Cardinal Newman, in Idea of a University, wrote:

"...the English University, of which I was so long a member, ...at a time when it was giving no education at all to the youth committed to its keeping, presents to us ... an heterogeneous and an independent body of men, setting about a work of self-reformation, not from any pressure of public opinion, but because it was fitting and right to undertake it..." (click http://www.newmanreader.org/works/idea/ for entire work)

If we, students and professors of the University, are to 'set about a work of self-reformation', how are we to go about doing it?


This is my 'conceptual framework' for thinking about the UNIV2009 Theme and for beginning to choose a paper topic. 

The framework makes reference to the


as goals at which we may want to aim, as we walk the halls of the University.  In other words, notions of Unity, the Truth, the Good, are what will tie up your chosen disciplinal topic with the UNIV Theme. 

(Read http://www.racelis.com/aliza/ to find out more. For full speech by Prof. Tomás Melendo Granados, see



Thus, a Science student wishing to submit a Paper on the research effort may want to write about how TRUTH is achieved in scientific research in his department.  Or a Business student wishing to write about whether companies are GOOD may want to give it an ETHICS focus.  Or a Humanities major thinking of an essay on BEAUTY may wish to discuss its meaning as taught in Arts Studies in school.

       Some suggestions, therefore, are as follows:

      • "Adherence to Ethical Research Rules at the Department of Biology at ABC University"
      • "Assessing the Performance of Philippine Business in the Last Decade: Towards an Ethical Measurement System"
      • " 'Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder': A Discussion of the Concept of Beauty in the Arts Studies Department of XYZ University"
      • "Schools of Education in the Philippines: Leading Our Youth Towards Self-Reformation?"
      • "Science and Technology Education in the Philippines: Quo Vadis?"
      • "Bayanihan (All Together as One): How Concepts of Unity and Harmony are Taught in Political Science Studies"

          and a limitless number of other exciting paper topics you can write about!!!

          Click here for a discourse on the Theme: UNIV2009-DevelopedTheme.pdf


    I AM TRULY DELIGHTED to inform you that a draft of the UNIV2009 paper I am advising, authored by TINKA Herrera & TRIXIE Rodriguez, has been successfully presented last Dec. 13, 2008.  Here's an extract from the Intro. of that paper:

"What Are Debate Societies Good For?"

"The University student ought to strive hard to ensure that the various fields of knowledge complete, correct and balance each other, and in the process, to take dominion of himself and of the world around him (Newman, 1873).

As educational institutions attempted over time to achieve the above objectives, many pedagogical means have emerged and waned, and some of these have remained perennial.  One of these means, among others, is debating, which presumably helps foster reasoned intellectual development (Roy and Macchiette, 2005)."


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