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HI!  My Topics of Interest are:

      ● Management Accounting          ● Leadership

        ● Information Systems                ● Corporate Governance

        ● Strategic Management             ● Organizational Culture

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URGENT!  Clarifications on the "Reproductive Health Bill" in Congress:

Population and Development issues in the "R.H.Bill":


Positive Dimensions of Population Growth:


Natural Law arguments against the "R.H.Bill":


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Finally the Truth About the R.H.Bill (U.P. Forum):


Population: Ultimate Resource:
World Population Collapse: Lessons for the Philippines
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Pro-Life Approach to Economic Development:



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(for full paper: on left hand side, click "Current Issue", click "PDF" on my paper, a dialogue box will appear, just click the link on the PDF file)

"THE INFLUENCE OF ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE ON THE PERFORMANCE OF PHILIPPINE BANKS," Social Science Diliman, December 2010. Vol.6, No. 2, pp. 29-49. Please click here:


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"Relationship between Corporate Governance and Financial Performance: An Exploratory Study of Philippine Companies," Revista de Estadística, Econometría, y Finanzas Aplicadas (México), (Journal of Statistics, Econometrics & Applied Finance), forthcoming.

  • This paper has also been presented at the International Journal of Arts & Sciences (IJAS) Conferences, held at Suffolk University, Boston, Massachusetts last June 22-25, 2009. (see below)

Racelis, A.D. (2009), "The influence of Human Resource management Practices on Firm Performance", Discussion Paper Series, College of Business Administration, University of the Philippines, Quezon City. http://cba.upd.edu.ph/phd/docs/racelis1.pdf

Papers at International and National Conferences:

Racelis, A.D. (2017). 

Entrepreneurship Education Via Distance Mode: 

Learning from the Top Asian Institutions. 5th National Conference on Open and Distance eLearning (NCODeL). November 22-23, 2017. Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria.

Racelis, A.D. (2017). Climate Change Challenges and Issues: Exploring South Korean Businesses’ Response. 5th Philippine Korean Studies Symposium (5PKSS). November 9-10, 2017. NISMED Hostel, University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City.

Racelis, A.D. (2017). Accountability and ethics in public sector governance: Learning from the best universities in ASEANNCPAG 65th Anniversary International Conference, August 22-25, 2017. Marco Polo Hotel, Ortigas.

Racelis, A.D. & Tanael, J.S. (2017). Innovations in Responsible Management Education: A Review of Success Stories Towards a Proposed Theoretical Framework. International Conference on Open and Innovative Education (ICOIE 2017). 12-14 July 2017. Hong Kong SAR.

Racelis, A.D. (2017). The Role of Reflective Management Courses in Business Ethics Programs: Proposals for ASEAN Academic Institutions. Managing and Teaching Business Ethics: Global Trends and Challenges. 4-7 June 2017. Ateneo de Manila University, Quezon City, Philippines.

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Racelis, A.D. (2017). "From Governance to Sustainability: Towards a Comprehensive Sustainability Ratings Framework for Asia," Forthcoming. 2nd American Academic Research Conference on Global Business, Economics, Finance and Social Sciences. New York, USA. April 28-30, 2017.

Racelis, A.D. (2017). International Relations in Businessand Management Programs: History, Cases, and Challenges in the Philippines. Philippine International Studies Organization (PhISO) Conference. 8-10 March 2017. Far Eastern University, Manila.

Racelis, A.D. (2017). Water Resources Management by Business Organizations: Towards a Theoretical Framework for Stakeholder Analysis and Engagement. International Conference on Integrated Natural Resources and Environment Management. 21-23 February 2017. Manila, Philippines.

Racelis, A.D. (2016). Notions of Gratuitousness andSelf-gift in Leonardo Polo: Implications for Inclusiveness and Cultural Development. The Language, Culture & Politics Colloquium 2016. University of Asia & the Pacific, Pasig City, Philippines, December 7, 2016. 

Racelis, A.D. (2016). Library Services for the Poor: TheoreticalFramework for Library Social ResponsibilityPhilippine Librarians Association Inc. (PLAI) Congress 2016. Davao City, Philippines, Nov. 22-25, 2016. 

Racelis, A.D. (2016). Climate Change Challenges andIssues: Exploring South Korean Businesses’ ResponseThe Korean Studies Association of Southeast Asia 7th Biennial Conference on Korean Studies. Novotel, Cubao, Quezon City, Sept. 28-30, 2016. 

Racelis, A.D. (2016). The Educational Philosophyof the Spanish Philosopher Leonardo Polo: Implications for Teachers’Self Reflection and Classroom Management. 9th International Conference on Teacher Education (ICTED). University of the Philippines, Quezon City, Sept. 1-3, 2016. 

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Racelis, A.D. (2016). Relationship between Corporate Governance and Stock Price Information: Exploratory Study of Selected Philippine Listed Firms. International Conference on Business and Management 2016 (ICBM 2016).  13 to 15 July, 2016, University of Philippines, Quezon City.

Racelis, A.D. (2016). The Transcendental LeadershipTheoretical Model: Investigation Into Transcendent Motives Based On ResponsesBy Management Students In An Undergraduate ClassInternational Research Exchange and Faculty Development Conference (IREFDC) 2016. College of St Benilde, Manila, April 21-22, 2016.

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International Research Conference on Higher Education (IRCHE 2015). Materials and Resources on Poverty and Development: Improving the Delivery of Business Ethics Courses. December 2-5, 2015, Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Olongapo City.

National Conference on Research in Teacher Education (NCRTE). Delivered the following paper:“Exploratory Comparison of Business Ethics Curricula in Selected ASEAN Universities: Implications for Teacher Education”. College of Education, U.P. Diliman, October 22-24, 2015. Link to conference is HERE.

BSP-UP Professorial Chair lectures 2015. Delivered the following paper: The Leader as Friend: Implications of Polo’s Friendship in Aristotle for Humanistic Corporate Governance. Journal of Polian Studies. (12/2014 issue). Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, Malate, Manila. October 19, 2015.

Racelis, A.D. (2015). Creative Faith-Based Online Writing: Towards a Theoretical Framework for Success6th Poetica e Cristianesimo Convegno Internazionale, April 27-28, 2015. Pontifical University of the Holy Cross, Rome, Italy.

Racelis, A.D. (2015). Relationship between Leadership and Spirituality: The Case of Asia.Spirituality and Creativity in Management World Congress, ESADE, April 23-25, 2015. Barcelona, Spain.

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Racelis, A.D. (2014), "The leader as friend: Implications of Leonardo Polo’s Friendship in Aristotle for humanistic corporate governance". Paper read at the International Conference “Spirits in Time: Person, Action, and Culture in Leonardo Polo's Ethics”, IESE Business School, Madrid, Spain. September 29, 2014.

Academy of Management meeting 2014, Professional Development Workshop (PDW) titled "Naming creates awareness and intention: How to develop the sustainability mindfulness in action", with LEAP team headed by Prof. Isabel Rimanoczy, August 1, 2014. Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. http://leapintosustainability.org/

"Integrating Ethics in Finance and Accounting Courses Using Ethical Banks as Vignette," 18th International Symposium on Business, Ethics, and Society. IESE Business School, Barcelona, Spain. June 30-July 1, 2014.

VIDEO of the conference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1HUActfkSeA

“Exploring the Contribution of Virtue Ethics to the Financial Crisis Discourse,” Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP)-UP Professorial Chair Lecture 2014, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, Malate, Manila. May 14, 2014.


"Technology and Environmental Sustainability in Asia: Proposals for Empirical Research," 35th Annual Humanities and Technology Association Conference, St. Thomas University, Miami Gardens, Florida, USA. Nov. 7-9, 2013:


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"Developing a Virtue Ethics Scale: Exploratory Study Among Philippine Managers," 15th Asia Pacific Management Conference, Tainan, TAIWAN. 2 December 2011.


"Virtue Ethics as Corporate Governance Mechanism", presented on January 5, 2011, at the International Academy of Business and Public Administration Disciplines (IABPAD), Orlando, Florida:

"Relationship between Corporate Governance and Financial Performance: An Exploratory Study of Philippine Companies" , presented on June 22, 2009 at the International Journal of Arts & Sciences (IJAS) Conference at Suffolk University, Boston, Massachusetts.

"Corporate Ethical Culture: An Exploratory Descriptive Survey of Philippine Companies" presented at the 8th International Conference on Philippine Studies (8th ICOPHIL) last   July 25th, 2008, at the Philippine Social Science Center (PSSC), on Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City.  For details, click here: ICOPHIL

(For a working paper version of the Paper, click here: Corporate Ethics)

"Influence of Human Resources Management on Firm Performance: Exploratory Study of Philippine Banks" presented at the 9th Faculty-Student National Conference on Statistical Sciences, 6 October 2008, UP Diliman campus.  Click here: Stat Conference

“Towards a Humanitarian Corporate Culture: Content Analysis of Annual Reports of Philippine Television Networks”, submitted to Humanitarian Media Foundation [HMF] (http://www.humanitarianmedia.org) for possible presentation during the International Conference.


Institutional Assignment:

Member, Scientific Advisory Board, Journal of Polian Studies. Leonardo Polo Institute of Philosophy. (from August 2014).




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