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The NASA Office of Space Science (OSS) under the direction of Wes Huntress has four major thematic areas for research and technology. Each theme has a director, and each theme has a home page.

--Center for Extreme Ultraviolet Astrophysics Home page (top level)

--Public Affairs Home Page (NASA Headquarters):

Ames Research Center--Atlas: also: FTP library ...

Astronaut Connection:

Astronomical Data Center:

Astronomy Picture of the Day" at has various types of pictures, each with an explanation written by a professional astronomer, and, as the title suggests, a new picture is posted daily. Check the archives for about two years' worth of previous selections.

Astrophysics Data System: (general and account information) (Mosaic/lynx)

Aurora Images:


Cassini (Mission to Saturn):

Calendar--This Month In Space History:

Challenger Center

Communications Strategy:

CU-SeeMe: " students and the general public were encouraged to discuss theSpartan mission during two planned "Ask the Astronomers"sessions. (Sept. 8-9, 1995). Dr. Madhulika Guhathakurta and Dr. Leonard Strachanwill were available at NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston at the IP connection address to answer questions and explain the purpose and goals of the Spartan 201 solar physics mission.


Earth Observing System: Earth science courses (resources for college level introductory): or

Economic impacts of NASA on states - interactive map -


Fast Auroral Snapshot (FAST) Explorer satellite:


    • Chris Mckay

Friends and Partners in Space (FPSpace): International Workshop in Moscow


Gamma Ray Bursts--BATSE:

Global Climate:

Goddard Space Flight Center:" Overview of NASA information on WWW ---or: (Old URL)

Gravity Probe: Test of Einstein's theory of relativity

High School--Barstow:



      • -

Image eXchange As of 5/97, a great search engine for NASA images--umbrella over existing photo databases at the centers


A whole gallery of paper globes of planets and moons is at

Imaging Radar SIR-C:

Information Services:

INSPIRE--observing natural and human-made radio waves

International Ultraviolet Explorer (IUE):

Johnson Space Center: Images from U.S. crewed spaceflights


Kepler Mission -- Search for Habitable Planets This site has a downloadable interactive Macintosh program that contains an excellent activity--the "Planet Detection Simulator"


Learning Technologies Project: for free Internet kits, email

Lewis Public Affairs: An anonymous File Transfer Protocol (FTP) server is also available. It includes press releases since 1993. They can be accessed at FTP.LERC.NASA.GOV in the /pao/pressrel/ --directory.

Life Sciences Data Archive (LSDA): housed at National Space Science Data Center (NSSDC)

Lunar and Planetary Information Bulletin :

Lunar and Planetary Institute: Center for Advanced Space Studies information

Manned Spaceflight

    • Dragon V2 Unveil - - about 15 min long and an may be worth watching. Dragon V2 is designed to be reusable, seats seven, propulsive land anywhere on terra firma and engines are manufactured using 3D printers.


    • Mars Panorama Shot

    • Center for Mars Exploration

    • JPL:

    • Mars Global Surveyor mission or

    • Mars Pathfinder mission (JPL) and (prepared by Phil James--Univ. of Toledo)

    • MarsNet/Marswatch This coming July 4th (1997) NASA lands the Mars Pathfinder spacecraft on the Red Planet... and on July 6th and 9th, from 14:00 - 16:00 hours Eastern, PASSPORT TO KNOWLEDGE and the AMERICAN MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY offer two special LIVE FROM MARS interactive programs designed for museums, science centers and planetariums. The Sunday, July 6th, program will feature the latest images from Mars, and "virtual reality" traverses made by Pathfinder's Sojourner rover. Museum visitors at selected sites will be able to interact live, on camera, NASA scientists at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and at The Planetary Society's "PLANETFEST" celebration of space exploratiuon and discovery, being held in Pasadena, just a few miles from JPL. The following Wednesday's program will be designed to appeal to "camp" visitors, and again feature live interactions with NASA researchers and Mars experts. The free, un-encrypted, programs will be carried on GE-2, transponder 21, C-band, 85 degrees West, 4120 Mhz, Vertical polarity, audio on 6.2 and 6.8. (This is the same satellite where NASA-TV may be found, and will thus already be easily accessible to many museums and science centers.) Support materials suggesting hands-on Activities and workshop topics for museum educators are being developed by AMNH and PTK. PTK's Web site at provides extensive background on the mission, and links to other valuable Mars sites. Questions? Contact Amie Gallagher at AMNH ( or Geoff Haines-Stiles (

    • Passport To Knowledge" Project LIVE FROM MARS:

Marshall Spaceflight Center--Lesson Plans: gopher://

Metrics In Space: go to Instructional Materials, Curriculum Materials, Mathematics

Mir status reports Text files, updates, etc. written on site at Mir mission control in Kaliningrad (just outside of Moscow) -- they are not "fluff" pieces.

Mission to Planet Earth

Nanotechnology Image of the nanogear NASA Directory Directory of NASA branches and divisions

NASA NEWS--Magnetic Storm of 11/95:

NASA Science Communications Strategy, The Final Report of the NASA Communications Working Group :

National Aeronautics and Space Museum:

National Space Science Data Center: Information about astronomical data products (CD-ROMs)

Near-Earth Asteroid Tracking (NEAT):

Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous

Newsroom Flash Goddard Spaceflight Center:


Newsroom: Press releases and other information are also available via ftp: FTP.HQ.NASA.GOV in the pub/pao directory

Observatorium-- Oceans Pathfinder Sea Surface Temperature Data (NOAA/NASA AVHRR): or email:


Ozone--The POLARIS mission -- seeking to understand the fundamental chemistry that dominates the naturally occuring seasonal reduction of ozone over the pole in the course of the Arctic summer. Part of NASA's Mission to Planet Earth, a long-term, internationally coordinated research effort to study the Earth as a global environmental system. PLAN FOR EXPLORATION AND DEVELOPMENT OF SPACE:

Planet Images: http://www-pdsimage.JPL.NASA.GOV/PIA/ or: http://www-pdsimage.wr.usgs.GOV/PIA/

Planetary Imaging:

Planetary Photojournal: aa or

Planetary Science Research Discoveries, also hands-on classroom activities in planetary science...

Pluto Express "Sciencecraft":

Pioneer 10

Policy and Plans--Space Summit Update Procurement home page: ---Federal Acquisition Jumpstation:

Robots-- Nomad in Atacama Desert

RSPAC IITA Bulletin:

Satellite Passes:

Scientific and Technical Information (STI; NASA):

Shuttle is the repository of pictures taken from (and of) the Space Shuttle.

Shuttle/Mir Info: or write to Space Life Sciences Shuttle/Mir Outreach Coordinator, D. Duncan Atchison, Mail Stop 19-15, NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, CA 94035-1000


Shuttle Team Online It takes thousands of people to fly the Space Shuttle, and now students can use the Internet to communicate with Shuttle workers to learn about the workers' jobs, simulate Shuttle flights and suggest Shuttle improvements. Shuttle Team Online will be active until the end of May, 1997. SKY IMAGES--Satellite Image Gallery:

SKY IMAGES--STScI Digitized Sky Survey: parts of the sky and get image(s)

SKY IMAGES--Welcome to SkyView: --select parts of the sky and get image(s)

Snowball hitting Earth

SOFIA (Airborne Telescope):

SOHO (NASA-European Space Agency Solar Heliospheric Observatory):

Solar Airplane--Pathfinder: remotely-controlled aircraft, using the Sun's energy to fly to stratospheric altitudes

Solar Energy Data

Sounds - Download NASA sounds -

Soviet Union (former) Space Program info

Spacecraft images (ground-based) by Ron Dantowitz

SPACE SHUTTLE--ASTRO-2 mission home page: Temporary?

SPACE SHUTTLE--Atlantis-Mir Docking:

SPACE SHUTTLE--Current Mission Images:

also: Shuttle Mission (

Shuttle Sighting

Space Calendar:

covers space-related activities and anniversaries for the coming year anonymous ftp to --file pub/SPACE/FAQ/space.calendar

Space Program Newsletter: by Jonathan Space Programs--summaries Space Station (International) or

Space station information, the ISS office at JSC:

Spaceflight--The Basics of Spaceflight Learners' Workbook

Spacelink: ftp, telnet and gopher:

StarChild Project:

Stereo Atlas

Teacher Resources:

The Observatorium:

Today@NASA: 1/18/96: has six new Hubble images

TOPEX-Posiedon: http://www.jpl.nasa.govftp site:

Video--Live--Shuttle Mir Docking Mission

Vulcanology Team (NASA)

Wind-measuring NASA Scatterometer (NSCAT) instrument images from Japan's Advanced Earth Observing Satellite (ADEOS) Women of NASA: or

X-ray Explorer--Rossi X-Ray Timing Explorer (RXTE): December 1995 - ....disk of matter around black hole (image) ftp://PAO.GSFC.NASA.GOV/newsmedia/JAN_AAS/BH.JPG