Andy Fraknoi's Resource Guides

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Resource Guides for Astronomy Educators

(and their students and audiences) by Andrew Fraknoi (2021)

On Diversity:

The Contributions of Women to Astronomy:

Black Lives in Astronomy:

The Astronomy of Many Cultures:

On Interdisciplinary Approaches:

Science Fiction Stories with Good Astronomy:

Music Inspired by Astronomy:

Plays and Films Inspired by Astronomy:

Responding to Astronomical Pseudo-science:

This Day in Astronomical History (158 events):

On Teaching Astronomy:

Short Astronomy Videos to Go with Each Chapter of OpenStax Astronomy:

Doing Astronomy Outreach and Education When You Can’t Go Out:

Astronomy and Humor:

Light Pollution and Dark Skies (and Satellite Swarms):

Seven Concepts for Effective Teaching:

Some Articles and Stories:

An Astronomer Looks at Astrology Skeptically:

Frank Drake on How He Came up with the Drake Equation:

The Cave in Arsia Mons (science fiction):

The Unwelcome Reply (science fiction):