Minutes, April 25, 2010

AANC – Board Meeting (Mar 28 mtg was postponed)

Ray Wong – Acting Secretary

Attendees: Doug Brown – FPOA; Kenneth Frank -ASP; Rich Ozer –TMW; and Ray Wong – EAS.

Quorum: No quorum, but we have a forum. (Need 9 of 16 Board members for a quorum)

Items Discussed:

    • AANC needs a replacement Secretary (KF/RW!)
    • CD account closed, funds transferred to a checking account. The account has approximately U$6,000.00 (RO)
    • Web domain is currently leased for three years. Would like for AANC to adopt it as ours, thusly being able to have more than one webmaster, spreading the task to more than one person. (RO/KF)
    • Website to be linked to the NightSky Network – that way we can move our membership list to it, and embed the NightSky Calendar to our website. (KF)
    • GSSP has raised U$350-to-400.00 for AANC (RO)
    • An additional U$50.00 from pin sales has been raised via Sam of Scope City, for a total of U$70.00 (KF)
    • FPOA – Star-B-Que to be rescheduled to July 17; the SJAA website still has it listed as July 10, 2010. {GSSP is scheduled for July 10-14, 2010} (DB/RO)
    • AANC will continue to donate half-of-the-food budget (RO/KF)
    • AANC member clubs are asked to provide telescopes for a daytime starparty for the SETI Convention, Hyatt Regency Santa Clara, August 13-15, 2010 http:/www.seticon.com. (KF)
    • Aug 6-7, 2010, Project Astro Intro Workshop, San Mateo Dept of Education, Redwood City (KF):


    • Maker’s Faire – May 22-23, 2010; Kid’s Day at Maker’s Faire, May 21
    • RTMC – May 14-15, 2010
    • 400 Years of Astronomy – Chabot Space and Science Center with the EAS held a star party and used Glass & Mirrors ToolKit
    • Cary Chleborad’s OWL requested a link from our website to his. AANC will list OWL as a resource in our Resource Link.
    • Now that AANC has been re-legitimized, does AANC need to continue to exist? (RO ;-})
    • Tech Museum, May 1, 2010, will feature the ‘Hubble Film’ http://www.thetech.org/imax/ (KF)
    • ASP Conference, July 31, 2010 (Saturday), Boulder, CO (KF):


    • Is anybody doing anything with Astronomers Without Borders? (KF)
    • Item Last: Next AANC Board meeting, June 13 – New Moon weekend. Need to nominate and select award recipients (KF) Replacement Secretary (RW!)