Christine Churchill

Full Moon Rising,

in the Valley of the Moon

This image appeared in Sky & Telescope (May 2003 issue).

Christine Churchill: I took the image from my backyard in Kenwood, in the Valley of the Moon. Using a Sony 4.1 camera (afocal photography) with my homemade Dobsonian 10" telescope--40mm eyepiece- shutter speed 1/500--aperture 2.8 . The Moon is very special to this valley I live in, and when It rises, it always seems it come here first. I hope I have captured its essence and timeless beauty. My most favorite spot to visit is the Sea Of Serenity.

Last night I visited the Sea of Serenity.

My tears dropped on the lava sea harden billions of years ago .

The present and the past blended together.

No thought,sound,feeling.

Humanity on the rocks of the beginning.

Christine Churchill

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Rising Moon image by Christine Churchill

Image of the Waning Moon and Mars

on June 16, 2003

No digital trickery just a nice shot of the Moon and Mars from my telescope

and digital camera.

Kenwood California


my backyard with homemade 10" dobsonian telescope

40mm eyepiece

4.1 Sony mavica camera,( afocal photography).

Clear skies

July 16,03

11:06:19 pm (PST).

My position was too far north for occultation. It was a spectacular event in

any case.

Christine Churchill

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