How to Organize and Run a Public Star Party

-by Michael Portuesi

School Star Parties

tips from veteran blacktop astronomer, Jane Houston Jones

Christine Churchill's images:

Alex Filippenko, A Letter from the President of the ASP, Alex Filippenko

Chanan Greenberg Oct 2009:

Jane Houston Jones

Lick Observatory - Online Exhibit "From Eyeballs to Electrons" is the first online exhibit from the Lick Observatory Historical Collections Project— artifacts and images from Lick's collections to illustrate the evolution of light detection in astronomy, with special attention to Lick Observatory's role. See:

The Historical Collections Project website is at:

Steve Mandel: shot of the Veil Nebulae area on ASTRONOMY PICTURE OF THE DAY (APOD). See more of Steve's astro-imaging here

Marshal Merriam—Article: An Early California Astronomer, George Madeira and His Observatory


Carter Roberts, AANC Board member, passed away at age 62. 2008 April 24. Articles:

Albert Heppe passed away 2005 March 5 in his Glen Ellen home, having suffered a stroke earlier this year. He was 83. See Albert Heppe article from Sonoma Skies newsletter.

Movie - 2008 Apr 28 Amateur Astronomers on Quest - KQED. Features John Dobson, John Dillon, Timothy Ferris, Jim Scala....

Bob Naeye—2003 August Astronomy Magazine article about the Yosemite Star Party program some AANC clubs participate in. It features images by members of the PAS and SJAA clubs. There is also a picture gallery on the Astronomy website with 52 pictures from various Yosemite events in the past.

J. M. Ryan: Planetarium Closure Marks End of an Era [for Morrison Planetarium] 2003 Dec.

Morrison Planetarium reopens at the new California Academy of Sciences, 2008 Sept.

Mike Ryan is Seeing Stars, By Alina Larson - Staff Writer, Oakland Tribune, 2003 Feb 10.

Bill Stepka (SFAA), You're Invited to a Star Party! in Golden Gate National Recreation AreaPark News. See also Starry, Starry Night article. 2003 Mar-Apr.

2002 Oct. Dorothea Klumpke Roberts, Pioneer Woman Astronomer -- Don Stone, EAS

2002 July 18 Shingletown Star party article in Sacramento Bee: Star Struck By Julie Ishida, Bee Staff Writer

San Jose Astronomical Association (SJAA) - March 2010: SJAA received the District 9 Community Award from the City of San Jose. See article in Cambrian Times.

Sidewalk Astronomers

Fred Veio—The Spectrohelioscope Network

Since 1970, Fred Veio has assisted many amateurs to build a spectrohelioscope (SHS) -- an instrument that allows you to image the sun in a very narrow band of color. His design is portable, compact, low cost, and was published in the January 1969 issue of Sky and Telescope. His book on SHS (which can be downloaded from this page) appeared in 1972, followed by three more editions. A self made SHS will cost about $600. If an optical company makes the optics, total costs will be about $2000, including the grating. A professional SHS with long focal length optics, intricate machine shop parts, about $15,000.00. Other sites:

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