ARC Science Simulations -- -- space imagery, real and simulated. Posters & Prints. Creating an Earth model from satellite data, and employing it. Earth textures for modelers, plus custom satellite image processing. Static & animated earth simulations, orbital fly-overs, cosmic zooms. Museums/Exhibits; Dance of the Planets -- Unique working model of solar system based upon orbital simulation.

Astronomy Magazine




Domes for Observatories

Eclipse tours

Everything in the Universe -- Norm Sperling

Glow-In-The-Dark Gloves

Image Intensifier -- -- The visual I 3 PIECE provides an intensified Ôreal timeÕ image of deep sky objects. With optics from Tele Vue.

Inflatable Solar System -- ALL THE RIGHT STUFF at They have a great inflatable solar system, accurate in color if not in size, and very affordable. They also have inflatable Moon globes, Earth globes, space shuttle stacks with detacable SRBS and main tanks, and space walking astronauts.

International Optics Ltd

ISS Models

LEGO space-related sets (Moon Landing set, the International Space Station, Space Shuttle--with Hubble telescope, and TWO Mars Rovers! (800) 453-4652 and/or

Laser pointer -- Skypointer -- green laser pointer MAGAZINES


MMI Corporation Astronomy Resource Manual and Planetarium Guide (35mm color slides, CD-Roms, videos, laserdiscs, computer software, portable and permanent planetariums, sun-earth-moon models, celestial and planetary globes, observatory domes and observing aids)

Newport Glassworks Mirror Kits & Telescope making supplies, Books

Novagraphics -- Astronomical Art

Observatories -- Boyd Observatories



Planetarium Manufacturers:



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Red Light -- Pilot's Nite Site Lite - Red -- Santa Barbara Instrument Group (SBIG) CCD cameras

Science and Art Products -- slides, bookmarks, magnets, posters, tri-color photography, constellations

Sky & Telescope Magazine -- Sky Online -[Sky Publishing]


Solar Filters

Sovietski Collection

Spacecraft models -

Stasiuk Enterprises - Planetarium shows and astronomy education software.

Stellarium - 3D Star Maps

Surplus Shack