recorded by AANC Secretary Alan Gould

To...List of AANC Board Members


AANC Board Meeting Minutes -- 12/6/98 -- Called to Order 1:35 pm

[Next meeting will be Jan 31 LHS at 10am.]

Present: Dennis LeClert (President), John Hewitt (V.P), Alan Gould (Secretary), Tinka Ross (Mt. Tam Observers; Morrison Planetarium), Liede-Marie Haitsma (MDAS), Jane Houston (SFAA, ...), David Harris (Hercules Stargazers) , Don Stone (EAS), DennisTye (Messier Club), Morris Jones (SJAA)

With corrections Lagunitas (in Jane's report) and "Scherrer" in Dennis Tye's, Minutes of previous meeting approved.

Treasurer s Report (Don Stone)

-- Balance Franklin Money Fund: $1,655.58 (11/30/98)

-- Washington Mutual Bank: $2636.88 (12/07/98)

-- Received from LHS for 98 workshop revenue (about $1,250)


-- paid through '99: ASP, EAS, CTMW, EITU, LHS, MTO

-- Paid through '98: Glen Ellen, MDAS, SWSWA, VOM

-- Not renewing: SNGS because COSC closed it.

Donations by AANC:

-- Chk 357 for $175 to SCAS on 10/4/98 for Striking Sparks program

-- Chk 360 for $500 to FPOA for repair of 30" telescope

Alan Gould--LHS has weekend planetarium shows, Saturday night stargazing, curriculum development--Hands-On Universe middle school curriculum.

David Harris--Hercules SG--10/24 meeting school with 60 visitors attended. Had telescope demonstrations, slide show, sky viewing. Nov 14 canceled due to overcasts. Nov 22 (Sun) had organizational meeting to plan next years meeting Next meetings 12/12 1/23, 2/20

Don Stone--COSC--is chaotic with staff changes. EAS is looking for good speaker for next event. TMW is doing well. They run auctions and gets 20% of the take.

Dennis Tye--No new Messier awards

Liede-Marie Haitsma--MDAS--Got $376 through an auction Public star meetings went well. For Leonids, group when up on 17th but best viewing was on 16th. Members asked at last meeting, "A re there any alternatives for dark star viewing sites besides Mt. Diablo?" Perhaps we can have clearinghouse on AANC website.

John Hewitt--defers to Jane

Tinka Ross--Mt Tam Observers--MTO quiescent until April. Morrison will be starting the annual Christmas Star show. Benjamin Dean lecture series continuing. Feb-May will be presentation from Academy Fellows.

Jane Houston--VOM--Construction has started on VOM Observatory (Phase 2--20" telescope--approx). Ferguson site was used for Leonid observing by SFAA on Tues the 17th. There is report on that night on SFAA website.

SCAS--Elections for new officers will be held in Dec meeting potluck Dec 9. Striking Sparks is active--10 people are making mirrors. Jane will make the one with the AANC plaque on it from AQANC donation. Dark sky s tar parties at Paul Mary's site. There are monthly meetings with wonderful speakers.

West Marin Amateurs--continue to have monthly (Sundays after 1st quarter moon) bookstore meetings at Book Passage in Corte Madera.

SFAA--Will have annual awards banquet and astrophotography at the January meeting at Strawberry Joes in Marin on the 1/23 (Sat). Elections are in December and officers take office at January meeting. SFAA has joined Astronomical League. Some of more a ctive SFAA observers will participate in AL special observing activities. SFAA has new website. Has bulletin board where member an put observing report. Newsletter is online. Same URL as before. Two telescope making classes are concluding this week--one at Randall Museum and one at Cala. Acad. Students number 45 telescope makers.

Sidewalk Astronomers are going to Hawaii 12/13-23/98 telescope making for kids. Keck telescope folks will coat the mirrors.

ASP--Project Astro has new program director, Amy Chang. Both Jane, Tinka, David, and Alan have all participated in various was. New recruiting for next year are starting up now. There are always more teachers than astronomers. Amateurs are VERY welcome to participate.

Thanks to Alan and Jane for putting together for Leonid web page.

Jane will be looking at AANC Web Calendar.

Morris Jones--San Jose Astronomical Association--Had 2 meetings since last AANC meeting. Last month Norm Sperling. Jeff Moore from NASA Ames on Europa. Selling astronomical pocket diaries as fund-raising. Jane will conduct mirror making class starting in January. Jane and Morris will co-edit the Ephemeris starting in January.

Dennis LeClert--SAS--Next meeting on Thur will be winter skies workshop. will use planetarium to point out were things are. On 1/14 annual constellation recognition event. Speaker will be William Leubke teacher at Modesto Jr. College and writes astronomy column for Modesto Bee. Have had a number of school star parties, most of which have been zapped by the weather. Star party on highway 4 at 1000' elevation near Copperopolis. There is also a high altitude star party.

AANC Conference--Tinka. We didn't actually have committee work. Everything is a go. We have the auditorium. About 2-hour lunch time. Anthro Dept is willing to cut their event to 1 hour. Our attendees are welcome to attend the Anthropology event (probably bagpipes). Issuing planetarium ticket to all attendees is fine. Date 3/27 is OK. This week is dead line for Academy newsletter. If we approve date, location we should include blurb with any speakers. Kiersten Van Stone, education person at the Academy will be coordinating the event for Cal Academy. Goethe room will be reserved for us too. Consensus is that 1-hour lunch break is fine. Will be co-sponsored by AANC and Morrison Planetarium. JohnH: recommends less abstract theme than cosmological observations. Proposes that over all theme of conference be Astronomy! Space! The Future! including amateur astronomy, professional astronomy, ice on the Moon, future Mars exploration, successor to the Space Telescope, planetary exploration, other space missions, International Space Station, Iridium satellites, dark sky issues. Don: it would be great to have some sort of debate. JH: Space station vs. other science projects. Alex Filippenko will be keynote talk. Tinka/John will contact Alex to get some wording for the Cal Academy newsletter. Academy will handle advanced registration. Don can take care of onsite registration. Jane and John will handle main publicity. John and Dave Rodrigues will seek more speakers. Dennis T.: Can Cala Acad handle a large influx of people for lunch? Tinka will check that out. Tinka: Lunch for speakers? We can offer free cafeteria lunch at Cal Academy. Planetarium available in morning 8:30-10:15 am. Dennis L: Reg fee . Tinka recommends $20 in advance and $25 at the door. How are break refreshments handled at Cal Acad. Tinka will check.

Election of AANC Officers: John H nominated Dennis LeClert for president. Jane nominates John H. John H declined. Carter Nominated Jane Houston. Don is willing to be Treasurer. Alan is willing to be Secretary. John Hewitt is willing to remain VP.

Moved and seconded that nominations be closed.

Tinka moves that we elect John Hewitt, Vice President; Don Stone, Treasurer; Alan Gould Secretary. Dennis T. seconds

Results of election for 1999:

President: Jane Houston (MTO, SFAA, SJAA, Sidewalk Astronomers, VOM, SCAS)

Vice President: John Hewitt (LHS, VOM)

Treasurer: Don Stone (EAS, FPOA)

Secretary: Alan Gould (LHS)

Do we want a new meeting site for AANC Board Meetings? LHS now has parking fees. Parking does not need to be paid before 1 pm. Possibilities:

10am at LHS; 1pm at LHS; 1pm Chabot.

Vote of those present favored LHS at 10am Sunday.

AANC Award nominees

Amateur: Denni Frerichs (Medlock) (nom by Don Stone)

Special: Mt. Tam Interpretive Association (nom by Dennis T.)

Professional: Peter Jenniskens (nom by Morris Jones)

Commercial: Crazy Ed Optical--Ed Erbeck (nom by Jane Houston)

New Business--none

3:55 Meeting adjourned.

Next meeting will be Jan 31 LHS at 10am.

AANC Board Meeting Minutes -- 10/4/98 -- Called to Order 1:30pm

Next meeting December 6, 1998. Please bring nominees for AANC awards.

Present: Dennis LeClert (President), John Hewitt (V.P), Alan Gould (Secretary), Carter Roberts (EAS), Tinka Ross (Mt. Tam Observers; Morrison Planetarium), Liede-Marie Haitsma (MDAS), Jane Houston (SFAA, ...), David Harris (Hercules Stargazers), Don Stone (EAS), Dennis Tye (Messier Club)

Minutes of previous meeting approved.

TreasurerÕs Report -- Balance Franklin Money Fund: $1,625.733 (8/31/98) -- Washington Mutual Bank: $2,253.83 (8/21/98) -- Bills to pay: mailing Starry Skies $52.80 (Don Stone) -- Need payment from LHS for 98 workshop revenue (about $1,400) -- $24.63 ( to Carter for printing LITU Programs) -- total payable: $77.43 --Balance AANC Checking Account: $2,176.40

1998 memberships -- paid: EAS, CTMW, Glen Ellen, LHS, SFSWA, VOM -- not paid: ALPO, ASP COSC, EITU, FPOA, Gr70, SJAA, SMAS, SVAS, TVS, Planetary Society, SAS


Carter Roberts--EAS--tour of new Chabot next Saturday (10/10) picnic and bar-b-q before hand. Construction is coming along: forms are up for planetarium cylinder. Still planning on opening late next year. Funds are being secured TMW held auction a few weeks ago--brought in $10,792.

David Harris--Hercules SG--Met couple times is August: 15 and 22 (22 was at Fremont Peak); 8/29th was big stargaze with 7.5 telescopes and binoculars (the 1/2 was small department store type); 9/26 was cloudy, but cleared up and a few people came out. Next meetings 10/24; 11/14; 12/12

Don Stone--had laser treatments and can read much easier now. COSC cut its gift shop. DonÕs looking for a job now.

Dennis Tye--another Messier award applicant (Debby Scherer); there were 4 visiting Russians from Siberia; theyÕre looking for a place to stay; arriving Wed

MDAS mtg. 8/31; state has OKÕs building of the astronomy telescope ($60,000) on Mt. Diablo). Geoff Marcy spoke at last meeting on discovery of planets.

John Hewitt--everything is fine up in Sonoma County; LHS had Astronomy Day with indoor activities with docents helping visitors/kids. Even though it rained in afternoon, it was beautifully clear in the evening. There was large wedding at LHS--celebrants joined the stargazers. There were at least 100 people.

Tinka Ross--Mt Tam Observers has 1 program left; have had fantastic seeing and good crowds. Many students came. If you want 1999 astronomical calendar they have them for sale (for fundraising); Morrison Planetarium has new show: Stardust. Norm Sperling will do special evening show Nov. 11-14; Nov. 3 Planetary Society will have public lecture on asteroids/impacts and such--speakers from JPL.

Jane Houston--(West Marin Amateurs, Steve Overholt ad Jane) has event at a bookstore i Marin, sidewalk astronomy in Fairfax, dark sky event in Lagametas. (SFAA) canceled picnic yesterday because of weather forecast. 10/21 is next SFAA general meeting; 10/31 is last SF city star party. On Astronomy Orion brought large binoculars, Dobson spoke, at Point Lobos. (Sonoma County Astronomers) There was 9/22 star-b-q in addition to Fremont peak star-b-q. Striking Sparks is under way with grinding of mirrors. AANC is donating $175 towards this effort. (Sidewalk Astronomers) Telescope making classes this week at Randall Museum ad Calif. Academy of Sciences. There was nice article in New Yorker by Timothy Ferris. Jane put something about astronomy in San Francisco magazine (KQED) includes AANC web site. Astronomy Day--events eventually made it onto AANC web site.

Morris Jones (San Jose Astronomical Association) general meeting last night Peter Jenniskens about Leonids info at http://www-space.arc.nasa.gov/~leonid. Requests to AANC to promote locations for where observing can happen. If local organizations are able to make sites open to public, it would be good to do, sort of like info posting for Astronomy Day. San Jose Club will have people at Henry Coe and Fremont Peak. Kevin Medlock will be giving beginning astronomy class next week.

Dennis LeClert (SAS) Jim Hetrick will speak on dark matter this Thursday at planetarium. Scheduled to do a number of star parties one on 9/14 (clouded out) and 9/25 (also cloudy, but cleared later); set up display for big air show this weekend.

Star-B-Q was very good. Dennis L was designated as MC. Jane brought Dobsonian cookies--won first place in gastronomical contest. Door prizes were rather skewed--3 went to Dennis L and son, etc. Tinka: wouldnÕt it be possible to have star-b-q on last quarter moon to not conflict with other clubs star parties. Alan: Perhaps it could be on a night closer to 1st quarter Moon for more like a public viewing event. Carter new moons happen to be mid-week at that time of year next year so there are more weekend options. Carter: how about AANC co-sponsor one of the Mt Tam events. Alan: perhaps AANC could be co-sponsor of a star-b-q for a different club each year.

AANC Conference--Tinka reports on using Morrison as venue. Director, Steve Craig is very positive and supportive of the event. Date asked for was March 27 and this date is good and reserved for AANC Conference. One problem is that Anthropology dept. has booked auditorium every Saturday in 1999, 12-2. We could take 2-hour lunch from 12-2 with conference attendees going to either the 12 or 1pm planetarium show. John H: could part of the conference session be in the planetarium? Alan: If planetarium show was consistent with conference theme this could work perfectly. What about dedicating a planetarium show to the conference? Dennis: How late can we stay? Tinka: 5pm. Carter: It would be nice to know what the planetarium will be. JohnH: Topic of Conference is Observational Cosmology-- ÒState of the UniverseÓ report. AANC would like to have the auditorium for whole day; would like to have a planetarium ticket as part of the package; would like to be able to have a speaker use the planetarium for a talk in the morning if appropriate; net proceeds will split between Morrison and AANC; Morrison will publicize and do registrations. Tinka moves that we have a working committee to work out details for the conference. (Committee would be Jane Houston and Tinka Ross, who will interface with Kirsten van Stone at Morrison). Carter seconded. Motion passed unanimously. John H asked about parking.

Carter moved that AANC give $500 to FPOA once AANC gets the funds from LHS from last yearÕs AANC Workshop. Tinka Seconded. Motion passed.

Nominations: John H nominated Dennis LeClert for president. Jane nominates John H. John H declined. Carter Nominated Jane Houston. Don is willing to be Treasurer. Alan is willing to be Secretary. John Hewitt is willing to remain VP.

AANC Award nominees. WeÕll have first nominations in December.

New Business--Jane/Tinka: Lou Epstein had some issues that AANC could help with regarding Mt. Tam. vis a vis an observatory and use of the park for the sky as part of the natural environment.

3:55 Meeting adjourned.

Next meeting December 6, 1998. Please bring nominees for AANC awards.

AANC Board Meeting Minutes

8/9/98 Called to Order 1:30pm

Present: Dennis LeClert (President), John Hewitt (V.P), Alan Gould (Secretary), Carter Roberts (EAS), Jon Wilson (WAA, EAS,...), Liede-Marie Haitsma (MDAS), Jane Houston (SFAA, ...), Dennis Tye (SFAA), David Harris (Hercules Stargazers)

Minutes of previous meeting approved.

Dennis did not want to be involved in Gastronomical Contest.

Treasurer was not present and no treasurerÕs report is submitted for this meeting.

Club Reports were given from

Dennis LeClert--SAS next meeting will have talk on solar astronomy, star parties Copperopolis and Peddler Hill

John Hewitt--Valley of Moon--first talks will be at Sonoma wineries; 9/17 Glen Ellen winery tasting room; Valley of Moon winery old Parducci winery; grants were received for observatory project, 3 Meade ETX telescopes for classes; 8/28-29 Yosemite star party w/ free camping--please notify VOM if you want to go; LHS stargazing still operates on lower access road while LHS plaza work is being done

Alan Gould (LHS Hands-On Universe Middle School Curriculum project is based at LHS now. Program has students accessing telescope images via Internet. John Hewitt did test of Lunar Imagery Workshop on search for lunar ice in craters--will be offered as a school visit program this fall. LHS will be testing a new planetarium program i the next 2 weeks: Other Worlds! Other Beings? funded by NSF and development coordinated by SETI Institutes. summer camps are in full swing.

Carter Roberts--EAS--White Mountain high altitude event was complicated by storm. Some people had trouble getting there from road closure. Chabot programs have been cut back--gift shop closed--until new facility opens--projected to be Nov 1999)

Jon Wilson (secretary of WAA brought update sheets for WAA clubs),

Liede-Marie Haitsma (MDAS)

Jane Houston--Sonoma County A.S. two star-b-ques coming up; Striking Sparks program is starting--make and donate 10 telescopes for schools; SFAA--Mt Tam star parties in conjunction with Mt Tam lecture series 300-400 people each lecture, city star parties Saturday nights--next one will be 8/29; Sidewalk Astronomers; SJAA Jose Olivarez spoke last night on Jupiter observing, beginning astronomy class--observational--each month an Saturday before full moon...)

Dennis Tye (Messier Club)

David Harris--Hercules Star Gazers, 4/18, 5/2 Astronomy Day at Calif Acad. 5/30 sky hazy but good event, 6/27 great sky 6 scopes 3 binoculars 20 visitors, July 18 good sky 5 telescopes, 2 binoculars. next meeting 8/15, 29, Sep 26.

Star-B Q 8/22 plans are going well--FPOA handles it mostly

For AANC Awards...

Seth Shostak sent thank you for paperweight & he will try to attend Star-B-Q

Chris McKay will be there

Tom Clark canÕt come to Star-BQ

Carter volunteered to run gastronomical contest

Their building a pig-proof fence around the park

Astronomy Day -- Autumn Astronomy Day Sat. 9/26/98 coordinated by Jane Houston

Listed in Sept. Sky & Tel (p. 92), thanks to John H. Not in time for Astronomy Magazine. Form for clubs to list events is on AANC web page.

Jane would like to include normal club events--not just once/year event. 3 clubs put it in their newsletters already.

Next AANC Conference

Topic: Life, the Universe and Everything (working title)

Dennis Tye moved that we talk to California Academy of Sciences to host/co-sponsor AANC conference there. Seconded by Carter Roberts. Passed unanimously.

Dennis says we need to address question of which venue do we want, planetarium or auditorium. Suggests contacting Tinka to begin coordination.

Carter Roberts moved that AANC provide $175 for Striking Sparks program of Sonoma County Astronomical Society. David Harris seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

Meeting adjourned 3:10pm

Next meeting October 4, 1998. Please bring nominees for AANC officers.


AANC Board meeting of 7 June 1998

Pre-meeting comments:

    • NCHALADA yesterday had a visitor who had learned about the meeting 1 hour before via an email message from a friend in Nepal!!!!!
    • Paul Collier of Mt Diablo Astronomical Society died on May 28.
    • Alex F. willing to be keynote speaker next year.
      • Author: Ronald C Baalke at Gateway Date: 4/28/98 7:03 PM
      • Since this was so popular the first time, we've decided to create a second microchip that will be carried on the STARDUST spacecraft. STARDUST will launch in February 1999 to visit Comet Wild-2 and collect particles spewing out from the comet and return them to Earth for analysis. The microchip will be placed inside the sample return capsule and will also be returned back to Earth after the comet encounter. To signup, submit your name on this home page:
      • http://stardust.jpl.nasa.gov/microchip/signup.html

Meeting called to order: ~1:30

Club ReportsÑ Liede-Marie Haitsma, MDAS; John Hewitt, VOM, LHS; Jane Houston, SFAA, SCAS, SFSA; Dennis Tye, Messier Club, SFAA; Carter Roberts, EAS, TMW, COSC, FPOA, RTMC; Don Stone, SNGS; Dennis LeClert, SAS.

TreasurerÕs Report: $2253.83 in Bank

-$104.16 Bill from Dennis Tye


$1608.55 in Franklyn Fund

Paid members of AANC: Chabot Telescope MakersÕ Workshop, Eastbay Astronomical Society, San Francisco Sidewalk Astronomers, Valley of the Moon Astronomical Society, Glen Ellen Scientific, Lawrence Hall of Science.

Old Business:

Star-B-Que Aug 22 Dennis LeClert suggested eliminating the Astro/Gastronomical contest because of ...

Nominees for Awards: (P= selected)

    • Amateur: Steve Overholt, Mike Ryan, Joel Goodman
    • Professional: Chris McKay
    • Commercial: Tectron (Tom Clark: Produces large aperture reasonably priced telescopes and lets others use his designs. Publishes Amateur Astronomy magazine.)
    • Special: SETI Institute, MTIA

Astronomy Day: AANC will do a second Astronomy Day on September 22, 1998. Jane Houston and John Hewitt will handle publicity. Anyone planning to participate and wishing to be included in the publicity should send info to: houston1@ix.netcom.com

The next AANC Board meeting will be held on Sunday, August 9th

2/15/98 AANC Minutes

Present: Carter Roberts (EAS), Dennis LeClert (SAS), Paul Collier (MDAS), John Hewitt, Don Stone (EAS), Dennis Tye (SFAA, Al Stern (SFAA Pres.), Bill Stepka (SFAA VP), Alan Gould (LHS) (taking minutes)

Minutes of previous meeting: Approved.

Treasurer's report: Don handed out AANC Dues invoice and questionnaire and will send out to clubs not represented at this board mtg with renewal notice.

Club Reports (see respective web page links for full report): Dennis LeClert (SAS), Paul Collier (MDAS), DennisTye (SFAA), Carter Roberts (EAS; COSC; FPOA; NCHLADA nsperling@global.california.com), Alan Gould (LHS), Don Stone (Starry Night Gift Store-COSC)

AANC Workshop 4/11 Search for Life in the Universe

Speakers: report from John H.

Confirmed all speakers listed on most current flier and web page. 6 speakers. Each speaker could go for up to 1 hour with questions. We also could have break between each talk. John suggests having some sort of light activity/sketch or theater with costumes. Dennis: there is probably about 1/2 hour available for such a light activity.


Caterer is Bubi's and presently is planned to happen for 1 hour starting at noon.


We will send email to all newsletter editors.

Coffee and goodies... Alan will get goodies from Costco and check in with Jon about getting coffee supplies there the night before.

Parking strategy is still a question. We may need an AANC volunteer to be parking/traffic director 1/2 hour before workshop starts. Or paid staff might be asked to come early to handle AANC traffic.

Astronomy Day 5/2/98: We'll put collected info on the web. Carter will collect info--please e-mail relevant material about your clubs Astronomy Day activities to Carter at eas@cosc.org.

WAA Board Meeting Feb 98 report (Dennis L.)

Bruce Blair Award

Richard Berry (Astronomy Magazine) was selected to receive the award this year. Special Award for Robert Burnham Jr. (posthumously). Integrating WAA into Astronomical League was discussed. Could happen in about 2 years. Western Region of the League includes 14 clubs. Cost of AL membership is $3/club (covering cost of Reflector newsletter of AL) and if insurance for a club is needed, they can get it for $3 per member.

AANC Star-B-Que

Should AANC collaborate with FPOA this year? Dennis made the point that the main thing AANC does there is give out AANC awards. He suggested we either collaborate with AANC or give out awards at annual AANC conference/workshop. Carter will ask FPOA if they want to collaborate.

Alan Gould moved that we offer to collaborate with FPOA and for this year plan to hand out AANC awards for 1998 at Star-B-Que, but in subsequent years, we plan to give out AANC awards at AANC annual Workshop in future years (starting with 1999). Don Seconded. Motion passed.

Next Board Meetings:

April 19, 1998

Please come with nominations for AANC Awards 98. Dennis T. read nominees from last year.

June 7, 1998

Mtg Adjourned 3:45pm

Board Members:

Carter Roberts, Dennis LeClert, John Hewitt, Dennis Tye, David Harris, Ilona Magyary, Alan Gould (taking minutes)