1998 Workshop

...a one-day workshop at Lawrence Hall of ScienceUniversity of California at BerkeleySaturday, April 11, 19988:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m.The Search for Life in the Universepresented by... The Astronomical Association of Northern California (AANC)and the Lawrence Hall of Science (LHS)Keynote Speaker: Dr. Jill Tarter, Project Scientist for Project PhoenixAre we alone as living things in the Universe? A meteorite from Mars found in Antarctica may contain traces of ancient Martian life. Pathfinder, the Sojourner robot, and the orbiting Surveyor are mapping Mars and searching for evidence of life on the Red Planet.

More than a dozen planets far beyond our own solar system have been discovered, circling other suns. These findings are stirring up exciting theories and possibilities. In this workshop, you'll hear from astronomers and the world-renowned pioneer on the search for signs of intelligent life in our galaxy. Featured speaker Dr. Jill Tarter, renowned radio astronomer and Project Scientist for Project Phoenix (and presumed by many to be the inspiration for Jodie Foster's character in the movie Contact), will enlighten you with the latest information on detecting extraterrestrial radio signals. Other presenters include: Chris McKay of NASA Ames Research Center speaking on future exploration of and possibilities of life on Mars Simon Clemett, one of the members of the Mars meteorite team at Stanford University Dan Werthimer from Project SERENDIP Jeff Moore from NASA Ames Research Center, Galileo Imaging Team speaking on "The Mysterious World of Europa."

Seth Shostak from SETI Institute--"Discovering Planets Around Other Stars--Great News For Star Trek Fans?"

Spend the day pondering discoveries that may change your ideas about our place in the Universe. Ticket prices below include admission to LHS $20 for adults $17 for adult LHS members$12 for ages 11-18$10 for LHS members ages 11-18.$25 on the day of the event, on a space available basis, for all attendees, regardless of age or LHS member status. Advance reservations are accepted by mail or fax to through the LHS Registration Office, with payment by check or credit card. Sorry, no phone reservations.To register, point your browser to the online registration form page, print it out and fax or mail it to the LHS Registration Office at address/fax# below. Make checks payable to Regents of the University of California. VISA, MasterCard, and DiscoverCard are accepted: provide card number, expiration date, and name and signature of cardholder. Mail payment to: University of California, BerkeleyRegistration OfficeLawrence Hall of Science #5200Berkeley, CA 94720-5200or fax, with credit card information, to: (510) 643-0994

Date: Wed, 8 Apr 1998 10:23:59 -0700 (PDT) From: jhewitt@uclink4.berkeley.edu (John Hewitt) Subject: April 11 AANC/LHS ScheduleSchedule--Search for Life in the Universe: 8:35 am LHS Welcome - Alan Gould8:40 am AANC Welcome/Introduction - Dennis LeClert 8:45 am Dr. Dan Werthimer, Director of U.C Berkeley's SETI program, Space Sciences Laboratory: "Project SERENDIP -- Is Anybody Out There?" Why do many astronomers think the odds are good our galaxy has many technological civilizations as advanced as ours?9:40 am Break9:55 am Dr. Simon Clemett, Dept. of Chemistry, Stanford University, Member of Dr. Richard Zare's Mars meteorite team: "The Possibility of Life on Mars." Are traces of ancient life forms from the red planet already here on Earth, hidden in a martian meteorite?

10:50 am Jane Houston, Astronomical Society of the Pacific volunteer: "Project Astro--Bringing Astronomers into the Classroom."

10:55 am Break

11:05 am Dr. Seth Shostak, Astronomer with the SETI Institute: "Discovering Planets Around Nearby Stars--Good News For Star Trek Fans!?" How will we find other planets like Earth? Are solar systems like ours common? Could we ever visit them?

12:00 - 1:00 pm LUNCH

1:00 pm Science Fiction Theater -- The Comet Players

1:30 pm Featured speaker Dr. Jill Tarter, SETI Institute: "SETI -- Science Fact, Not Fiction!" Dr. Tarter, renowned radio astronomer and Project Director of Project Phoenix, will enlighten you with the latest information on detecting extraterrestrial radio signals.

2:30 pm Break

2:40 pm Dr. Chris McKay, NASA Research Scientist, NASA AMES Research Center: "Astrobiology -- Is There Life Beyond Earth?" Future explorations of Mars and beyond in the quest for life on other worlds. What kinds of life are possible?

3:40 pm Break

3:50 pm Dr. Jeffrey M. Moore, Galileo Imaging Team, Space Sciences Division, NASA AMES Research Center: "The Mysterious Worlds of Europa and Titan." Stunning new pictures from the Galileo Imaging Team reveal Jupiter's icy ocean moon Europa, and much more. What secrets might await us in our future explorations of Saturn's strange, shrouded moon Titan, and beyond?

4:50 pm Final Announcements & Thanks. Conference closes.

STARGAZING -- All conference participants are invited to join us in viewing the moon, planets, star clusters, galaxies and more through astronomical telescopes on the Lawrence Hall of Science Plaza beginning at 7:30 pm, weather permitting! SATURDAY NIGHT STARGAZING is a free public viewing program held every clear Saturday evening, sponsored by LHS and Bay Area amateur astronomers. You are welcome to bring your own telescope, too! For recorded celestial events information please phone our astronomical hotline: 510-642-5132, press 1, then press 7.



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The Search for Life in the Universe

Saturday April 11, 1998 8:30am-5:00pm

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