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The 73-hybrid cube is composed of the internal cruciform molecule-37 and the cubic container-36. Merge them together and we get 73 units and a model synthesis of the first verse of the Bible in 3-dimensions.

Check out the Cruciform Fractal

Israel's Holiest Prayer demonstrates an engineered knowledge of Prime Factorization:

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THREE New Researchers:

Julie Hogan

Dr. Ian Shanahan

Read Psalm 37 & 73

The random chance for this happening is very low. On average it should take 1,000 verses before a multiple of 1,000 is seen. In Genesis it happens at the 21st verse and in John it happens at the 56th verse: 21/1000 = 2.1% and 56/1000 = 5.6%, these multiple together such that: 2.1% x 5.6% = 0.1% or approximately a chance of 1 in 1,000.

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This 20 digit repeat cycle is palindromic,
where each mirror = 37 and altogether = 74
(Jesus in English ordinal)

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37x73.com explores the mathematics based on the Judeo-Christian religious tradition. The evidence presented here comes from many researchers over the last 100 years. The Biblical codes derive from the original Greek and Hebrew manuscripts that produced the modern Bible. The mathematical codes are based upon the historical practice of Greek and Hebrew gematria. These same codes and patterns can be seen in the science of the natural world.

The culmination of these codes is the Blood-Code of Jesus Christ, found on The Shroud of Turin, which corresponds to the Three-Seven Code that runs throughout the Judeo-Christian Scriptures.

FOR THE SKEPTICS and those that still believe the outdated and misinformed idea that 'Science' proved the Shroud to be a medieval forgery, you need to check the facts.

Latest Research on the Shroud:

The Author of the Bible Signs His Work with Mathematics
The Bible was originally written in Hebrew and Greek, both are alphanumeric languages, whose letters were historically used as numbers in two separate ways, the Standard and the Ordinal (REFERENCE). The triangle you see above is produced by the sum of the letters of the first verse (2701) which is a Figurate Number, specifically the 73rd triangular number.

Jesus Christ via Google Translate
Jesus via Babylon Translate

Jesus and Christ via Ben-Yehuda's English Hebrew Dictionary

Jesus Christ is a standard translation of these two modern Hebrew words.

The GIF below is based upon Euclid's 1st proposition in history's most important math book, The Elements.


There are many ways one can visualize and configure the sum of the first verse. Many of these configurations also reveal the selfsame signature of Jesus Christ. One of the most powerful recently discovered is the Cube of Creation.

This hex and cube can be reiterated in many ways.

The prime factors of the first verse (37 x 73 = 2,701) can be visualized in two exceptionally Biblical ways, both as Stars of David made entirely of Stars of David. When we layout the sum of the first verse according to its prime factors ( a number's absolute mathematical identity) we find the name and number of Jesus Christ integrated in multiple ways with perfect symmetry.

The negative space between 73-Type Stars can be filled with 37-Type Hexagons, with stunning effect.

Indeed the negative space between these same hexagons can do the same.

Even to the non-mathematician, the numbers associated with the first verse of the Bible should immediately be alarming. Even if you are not aware of the fundamental importance of prime factorization to science and mathematics, simply seeing a 37 juxtaposed to 73 is eye-catching. These factors, first publicly discovered by Ivan Panin, are a fundamental historical fact that cannot be ignored. They can literally be described as the scientific basis for modern Biblical numerics itself. It is then, highly relevant that they are encoded in the languages of Hebrew and Greek.

These numbers (37 & 73) reveal the identity of God's Son and the number of His name, reflected precisely in the spelling, in both Hebrew and in Greek, of the phrase Thirty-Seven times Seventy-Three.

In Hebrew, the phrase Thirty Seven times Seventy Three equals the name of Jesus Christ.

The name and number of Jesus Christ is deeply integrated with the mathematics of the Protoverse (Genesis 1:1) and the Three Seven Code seen on the Shroud of Turin. The significance of this couldn't be more obvious. It is quite simply how the infinite mind of a Supreme Being signs His work: mathematically, prophetically and eternally true.

2368 - (37th Prime + 73rd Prime) = 37- 73

37th semiprime + 73rd semiprime + Jesus Christ = Genesis 1:1

יהושע המשיח = Jesus the Messiah = 115

37^73 = 115 digit number


Critically, the most telling aspect of the Three and Seven on the Shroud of Turin is that these two numbers unite all the other numbers and numerical secrets of the Bible. For thousands of years the clearly referenced number symbolism of the Bible has remained a mystery. That mystery is solved in the blood of Jesus Christ, in a modern miracle, on the Shroud of Turin.

It is impossible to imagine a more perfect and profound solution to that great mystery than two numbers written in blood on the burial cloth that is the very proof of Christ's resurrection. The idea that any two numbers could unite all the various number symbolisms of the Bible, is in itself theologically revolutionary.

We can show that from the first verse to the last book of the Bible, a clear and obvious Three Seven Code runs throughout. The most important names and aspects of the Bible and its related theology all bare the imprint of this code. From the name Jesus Christ to the Passion Week with the 3 days Christ lay in the tomb, we see the numbers Three and Seven appear again and again.

More than just a blood code, the numbers Three and Seven are the fundamental mathematical signature of the Divine and the greatest secret of history itself.

Here are three examples out of HUNDREDS of how the Three Seven Code manifests in the Bible:

7² – 3² = 40

70 – 30 = 40

37 + 3 = 40 and 33 + 7 = 40


73 - 33 = 40 and 77 – 37 = 40

(7 - 3) x (7 + 3) = 40
(37 x 7) - (73 x 3) = 40

7th multiple of 37 minus the 3rd multiple of 73 = 40
259 - 219 = 40

37 x 40 = Christ (1480)

The Flood = 40 days, 40 nights
Moses on Mount Sinai = 40 days
Israelites wander wilderness = 40 years
Jesus wanders wilderness = 40 days
From Resurrection to Ascension = 40 days


The concept of the Trinity is absolutely basic to Christian theology, yet the mystery of it has perplexed thinkers for thousands of years. The key to its understanding is 'Three in One.' Three in One is more than just argument and explanation, it is also code embedded in theology. For we see that core Christian theology is itself based in number.

To anyone aware of Christian Theology, this code is obvious: 

98 x 3 Corners (The Trinity) = Lord Jesus Christ

The first verse of the Bible is clearly marked with an obvious pattern in its prime factors.

Genesis 1:1 = 2701 = 37 x 73

Remarkably, we see this same pattern again, when we add 2,701 to its digital opposite. 

2701 + 1072 = 3773

The number 294 (as seen above) is one of the most important integers in Biblical Numerics. We find it in some of the most auspicious places in the mathematical universe. Perhaps the most powerful code ever discovered is found in the RECIPROCAL of 3773. A reciprocal is a multiplicative inverse and is easily calculated.

1 divided by 3773 = Reciprocal of 3773

1/3773 =


This very long series of numbers is a REPEATING DECIMAL. It will repeat infinitely again and again forever and ever, with these exact same numbers in this precise order. The number of digits in a repeat cycle is called its period. The period of the reciprocal of 3773 is 294, i.e. the infinite reciprocal cycle of 3773 is the same sum of the name the Lord Jesus Christ in Greek ordinal.

1/3773 = 294 infinitely repeating digits
294 = Lord Jesus Christ

If that was all there was to it, it would be more than enough. As it is, it is only the beginning. If we add all those numbers together, in a process called DIGITAL SUMMATION, we get an even stronger confirmation of the Three Seven Code.

294's infinitely repeating digital sum = 1323

(3 x 7 x 7 x 3) + (3 x 7 x 7 x 3) + (3 x 7 x 7 x 3) = 1323

To check the arithmetic here, copy and paste the comma separated numbers into a SUM CALCULATOR.



The primary meaning of the THREE SEVEN CODE is the GOLDEN RATIO also known, as the Divine Proportion.  All the 3's and 7's that you are seeing are a very specific, scientific reference. In mathematics, a series of prime numbers are a reference to another number. This is called the Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic. The Greek letter phi is the mathematical symbol of the Golden Ratio.

Prime Factors of 21 = 3 x 7
21st Greek Letter = φ

φ = The Golden Ratio = 3, 7

φ = 1.61800339...

What the reciprocal of 3773 (SEE ABOVE) is truly saying to us is this: I AM Phi, I AM the Golden Ratio, I AM the Divine Proportion. And it is saying it over and over and over again, forever. In the book of Exodus God tells Moses that His name is I AM.

אהיה = I AM = 21
אהיה = I AM = φ

אהיה = I AM = The Divine Proportion

Genesis 1:1 = 2701 Christ = 1480

2701 + 1480 = 4181

4181 = 19th Fibonacci Number

The Golden Spiral, one of the most common manifestations of the Golden Ratio, can be formulated by a series of squares that continually form the Golden Rectangle. When we follow this same pattern, now using 37 as the base number, we create a Golden Rectangle and Spiral that produces the name of Jesus Christ.


The man known to history as Jesus of Nazareth, is arguably the most famous and influential human in history. The name itself is so potent that even those who don't believe in God or even despise the idea of God, will, without thinking, swear by the name of Jesus and the name of God. Indeed the abbreviation OMG is ubiquitous across the internet and social media, and yet in all of this atheists never seem to find any of this at all unusual.

The name Jesus has undergone a long and convoluted evolution through the ages and languages of history. The English Jesus comes to us from the Greek to the Latin to the English Bible. It may be a surprise to many Christians even, that the Hebrew version of Jesus seen on so many spiritual and motivational graphics is in fact spelled wrong.

The modern Hebrew spelling is based upon centuries of Jewish scribes altering the original name to distinguish and possibly denigrate the name Jesus. The name given to Mary to give her son was in Hebrew 'Joshua,' which means 'God is salvation.' This is the perfect name for the Savior.

We know this for a fact because the New Testament cites the Old Testament name Joshua twice (Acts 7:45; Heb 4:8) in each instance the Greek translation reads letter for letter the same as the Greek 888 Yehsous where we get today's Jesus. In the beginning of Matthew the name given to the child is a clear reference to the meaning of the name Joshua, for he would save the people from their sins.

There are several sites that thoroughly prove the point.

A detailed history of the name Jesus:


The Prime Factors of F

Another discovery made in the Fibonacci numbers (see above for more about the Fibonacci Numbers) is the the prime factors of the first 19 Fibonacci numbers. The number 19 is highly associated with the numerics of the first verse and in Greek gematria is the sum of the words: 'The Earth.'

The Earth = η Γη = 19

Prime factors are of singular importance in number theory, the foundation of mathematics itself. One of the very first proofs of mathematics was Euclid's Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic, the basis of modern number theory. Every whole number in existence has a unique blueprint of prime factors. Here we see these unique mathematical signatures sum to the name of Jesus Christ in the gematria of the Greek New Testament. 


You can read more about this and other codes Leo found in the sciences here: 

The Prime Factors of the first 19 Fibonacci Numbers

1 (1)

1 (1)

2 (2)

3 (3)

5 (5)

8 (2 × 2 × 2)

13 (13)

21 (3 × 7)

34 (2 × 17)

55 (5 × 11)

89 (89)

144 (2 × 2 × 2 × 2 × 3 × 3)

233 (233)

377 (13 × 29)

610 (2 × 5 × 61)

987 (3 × 7 × 47)

1597 (1597)

2584 (2 × 2 × 2 × 17 × 19)

4181 (37 × 113)




Jesus: The Name Above All Names

The work of Lucien Khan (seen above) has shown that the ‘Divided Name’ or Lucien Khan’s 216 letter name of God, has amazing hidden mathematical properties. This name is considered by many Jews now and in the past to be one of the most holy names of God. It was also the focus of the cult math film ‘Pi.’

The letters of this name come from three verses in Exodus, each of which contains exactly 72 letters. As this was unlikely and that the verses narrate the very climax of the story of the Exodus itself, they were considered to be holy. These verses were then arranged in four rows.

The most amazing feature of this wholly Jewish mathematical object is what is hidden in plain sight.  The very first and top row of the configuration comes to the sum of the name of Jesus of Nazareth! This name and its very specific spelling is highly integrated in this configuration.

יהושע הנוצרי = Jesus of Nazareth = 752

Top row of the Divided Name = 752 Hebrew Ordinal

The spelling of this name is not the modern corrupted spelling but the correct Biblical spelling of Jesus.

What is really telling, however, is when we rearrange these letters once again, using the exact same method as in their original construction. The Divided Name was made by laying out the three verses boustrophedon style, that is the first verse ran right to left, the next left to right and the last right to left.

So just like out of an Indiana Jones adventure, the solution to the puzzle is based upon one’s acumen of the ancient world.

This top row has exactly 72 letters, which is 36 and 36 or the sum of two squares. If we arrange this letters in these two perfect squares, using the back and forth boustrophedon style we find two more references to Jesus of Nazareth.

The center of the first square comes to 131, which is Jesus of Nazareth again, only this time in the ordinal. The sum of the center of the second square is 188 which is once more, with the exact same spelling, Jesus of Nazareth only adding "The Messiah.'

Center of Square One = 131

יהושע הנוצרי = Jesus of Nazareth = 131

Should we merged these two squares together by adding each cell to its partner cell, we find the final confirmation that this configuration was designed by a God who on earth would be known as Jesus of Nazareth.

Numbers in RED = 391 = Jesus

Numbers in WHITE = 361 Of Nazareth

The numbers in red in the left side of the synthetic square come to 391 while the numbers on the right side of the square in white come to 361, which are the two components of the name Jesus of Nazareth. The center now comes to a numerical anagram of Jesus in 319 which is the sum of the Hebrew for 'The Almighty.'

A devout Jew, aware of all the given facts here, might find it difficult to understand how God could allow such prominent features as these to appear unless that God happened to be the Messiah of Nazareth.

The Cube of John

The first seven verses of the Gospel of John are some of most famous and beautiful sentences in all the Bible. They are filled with poetry and powerfully profound theology. Incredibly, these seven iconic verses are also the most beautiful mathematical puzzle in the history of the world.

These seven verses have 343 letters, which is Seven Cubed or 7 x 7 x 7. When these letters are systematically rearranged according to the pattern of an Order 7 Perfect Magic Cube, mathematical patterns emerge of a Divine inspiration. We can see the Logos of John, in the number 373 in three prominent ways.

Each square of numbers represents one level of the cube, each number a letter in the first 7 verses of John.

Once of the many amazing features of this mathematical object is the fact the cross-section, literally a cross made on the letter cube produce the number 1204, the original Magic Constant of the original Magic Cube. The mathematics at work here are so complex that this may very well be the very best evidence of God to date.

To read more about all mind-boggling features this cube go to: The Cube of John

37 X 73 = 2701


The number 22 has long been considered mystical as it is the number of original letters in the Hebrew alphabet. It is an amazing fact then that the first 22 verses of the Bible (Genesis 1:1-22) has exactly 1100 letters. These 1100 letters can be systematically arranged into 10 stars of 37 letters and 10 stars of 73 letters. Since the number ten is triangle (The Tetrakys of Pythagoras) we make these 1100 letters into a Star of David, that is a Star of Stars.

These 20 stars can be sorted by category (a 37 type star and a 73 type star) and placed in the shape of two stars according in their alternating orders. In doing so, we are rearranging the text into a synthetic shape, therefore any amazing mathematics that come out of these shapes could only have come from the mind of God.

Following the pattern of the first verse (37 x 73 = 2701 = Sum of Genesis 1:1) we can see this proto-pattern as a mathematical fractal.

37 = Star Number
73 = Star Number

37 + 73 = 110
110 x 10 = 1100

This fractal plays out in many places in Scripture. Here we can see it as alternating pairs of 37 & 73 numbered stars of the first 22 verses of the Bible. Should you be able to read Hebrew, you will find that when reading these verses in this configuration, there are numerous bits of wordplay and hidden mathematical puns!

For instance, the first star sums to 390 ordinal, which is the sum for the Hebrew word 'Heaven.' Emblazoned across the central row of this star is the word 'The Heavens' (underlined below). And what are stars, but the lights of heaven?!

1st Hexagram of 37 Letters, Genesis 1:1-2


ר א

ש י ת ב ר א א

ל ה י ם א ת

ה ש מ י ם

ו א ת ה א ר

ץ ו ה א ר ץ ה

י ת



 Rob Slattery 

Rob Slattery has an extensive website on all things related to Biblical Gematria. His videos are an excellent exploration of the subject matter. Recently his work has begun to focus on the mindboggling world of irrational numbers.


The absolute best site on the internet for accurate and scientific information on the Golden Ratio in its myriad manifestations.

The sites listed below detail other Divine codes and patterns found in the Bible, the physical sciences and the realms of sacred geometry. The Mathematical Standard does not endorse any religious perspectives found on these websites; it is only interested in the mathematics. 

  Vernon Jenkins


Vernon Jenkins is one of the fathers of modern Biblical Numerics. His work on the mathematics of the first verse of the Bible is the foundation of the modern number movement. His mathematical analysis of Genesis 1:1 proves the Scriptures were inspired by an all knowing Deity.

 Frank Colijn

Frank Colijn's has an excellent site on the incredible mathematical patterns found in the Bible. He has a particular brilliance for finding figurative patterns in the numbers that are visually breathtaking.

 Mark Hines

This is a nice little site that sums up some of the standard findings of Biblical Gematria.

 Hebrew 4 Christians

The Hebrew4Christians site is an invaluable aid to those interested in the Hebrew language. It's a great reference tool and well organized exploration of Hebrew, the first language of the Bible.

Books on the Subject
Caveat Emptor: In an age before the calculator, the values in these historic texts cannot always be trusted. Multiple errors in arithmetic have been discovered in both Panin's and Bullinger's works. 

 Read online here: The Writings of Ivan Panin

Ivan Panin is one of the early architects of Biblical Numerics. Raised in Communist Russia, he was an avowed atheist until he encountered the incredible mathematics of the Bible. He subsequently dedicated his every waking moment to showing the world the Divine truth of the Scriptures.

   Read online here: Number in Scripture

E.W. Bullinger was an important figure in the Anglican Church and the Dispensational movement around the turn of the twentieth century. His work in numbers is similar in style to Ivan Panin's, with extensive studies on the factors of words and the number of words in a given text.

        Read online here: Gematria                                       
                              Read online here: The Apostolic Gnosis

Both books by Thomas Simcox Lea and Frederick Bligh Bond are fundamental works of Historic Gematria. These tomes lay a foundation for modern Biblical Gematria. Of particular note, is the central portion of the Apostolic Gnosis, which lists 500 meaningful matches in Greek gematria with the name Jesus Christ.

 Purchase at Amazon: The Greek Qabalah

Keiren Barry's book is one of the few modern scholarly books on gematria. Written from a secular historical perspective, it firmly establishes a pervasive culture of gematria in the Greek world. The book is also important as it argues that the Greek gematria, not only preceded the Hebrew, but that Hebrew gematria was an imitation of the earlier Greek.

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37 X 73 = 2701

"Let us weigh the gain and the loss in wagering that God is.
Let us estimate these two chances.
If you gain, you gain all; if you lose, you lose nothing.
Wager, then, without hesitation that He is."

—Blaise Pascal