Grade 9

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All Grade 9 students must take eight (8) courses: Five (5) core courses will be assigned by Stelly's Administration in consultation with the student's Grade 8 school. Three (3) elective courses are chosen from the list below.

Note: Grade 9 students enrolled in French Immersion will automatically be given Français Langue 9 instead of one of their elective courses.

Core Courses

English 9

Students will read a variety of genres and build both creative and critical thinking skills. In addition to the study of language, sentence structure, vocabulary, and punctuation, students will write literary paragraphs and multiparagraph essays. Students will also develop their creative writing skills, with a focus on both poetry and short fiction.

English 9 Linear also offered (a full year course).

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Math 9

Students will build on their middle school math skills and extend concepts further in order to prepare for success in Foundations of Math 10 or Pre-Calculus 11.

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Physical Health Education 9

Students will develop fundamental movement skills in a variety of physical activities, identifying personal goals and participating in activities designed to enhance fitness and healthy living goals. Students will also focus on strategies for developing and maintaining healthy relationships as well as promoting mental well being for themselves and others.

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French Immersions students take Éducation Physique 9 instead. See the French Immersion Program for more information.

Science 9

Science 9 introduces students to Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Earth Science. This course provides students with a “hands-on” experience to the sciences through a modern teaching laboratory which includes collaboration and group work through the reproduction of classic experiments and problem-solving activities. Topics include: Atoms, elements and compounds, cellular reproduction, static and current electricity, and the study of the flow of energy and matter through the Earth’s major spheres.

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Social Studies 9

Exploring Canadian and World history between 1750 and 1919, the new Social Studies 9 curriculum for BC encourages students to understand how Canada came into existence and why Canadian attitudes and values are relevant in our world today. Students will look at a variety of topics such as: why revolutions happen, the continuing effect of colonialism on Indigenous peoples, and the delicate balance between jobs, resource use, and protecting the environment. Stelly’s emphasizes the inquiry process and critical thinking skills and promotes individual choice and varieties of meaningful projects with real world connections. Social Studies 9 will inform students and help them identify how they can affect change now and in the future as active global citizens.

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French Immersions students take Sciences Humaines 9 instead. See the French Immersion Program for more information.