Grade 10

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All Grade 10 students must take eight (8) courses: Six (6) core courses will be assigned based on successful completion of the grade 9 required course. Math placement will depend on Grade 9 results and as recommended by the Math department. Applicants to English 10 Honours will be verified by the English department. Two (2) elective courses are chosen from non-core subject areas.

Core Courses

Physical Education 10

Students will apply and refine a variety of movement concepts and strategies in different physical activities. Students will be encouraged to demonstrate safety, fair play and leadership during this course. Students will pursue personal healthy living by setting goals, planning how to achieve them and reflecting on them throughout the course. Students will explore the relationship between physical activities, mental well being and overall health.

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French Immersions students take Éducation Physique 10 instead. See French Immersion for more information.

Career Life Education

Formerly Planning 10, Career Life Education is a Ministry required course as part of the BC Graduation Program. Career Life Education is a course that recognizes three major phases of career development - Foundation and Awareness, Exploration, and Experience and Application. This course helps students discover the bridge between classroom learning and post-graduation life, and is intended to make their learning meaningful and relevant to their next steps after school.

French Immersions students take Éducation à la vie professionelle in Grade 11 instead. See French Immersion for more information.

Social Studies 10

Social Studies 10 continues student development of inquiry and critical thinking skills on issues connected to Canada and the world in the 20th and 21st centuries. Some topics we will cover include global and regional conflicts, government systems, historical wrongs, and impacts on the environment that challenge Canada and international communities. We will incorporate Indigenous as well as historical and contemporary perspectives in our classes. Students will learn about Canada’s place in the world and how they can participate in both Canada and the global community.

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French Immersions students take Sciences Humaines 10 instead. See French Immersion for more information.

Science 10

The grade 10 science course is designed so that students experience biology, chemistry, physics, and astronomy. Collaboration, “hands-on” group activities and laboratory-based instruction continue to play a central role. Topics include: The study of DNA and genetics, atoms and chemical reactions, energy and energy transformations including nuclear energy, and the formation of the universe.

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Elective Choices