Grade 11

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All Grade 11 students must take eight (8) courses: four (4) core courses will be assigned based on successful completion of the grade 10 required course. Four (4) elective courses are chosen from non-core subject areas.

Note: Grade 11 students enrolled in French Immersion will automatically be given Fran├žais Langue 11 instead of one elective.

Core Courses

Social Studies 11 - Explorations

This is the ideal course for students who are interested in a solid foundation for further Social Studies courses. It offers an opportunity to enhance Social Studies skills such as assessing historical significance, examining various kinds of evidence, considering different perspectives, and making ethical judgements. It will also meet the needs of students who are unsure of what they wish to study at the grade 12 level, as it offers a sampling of various courses including 20th Century World History, Comparative Cultures, Political Studies, and Contemporary Indigenous Studies. This course will satisfy the new Graduation requirements for Social Studies and provide opportunities for individual choice and inquiry in a supportive community of learners.

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Elective Choices