Building a remote learning community

Welcome to the NYU SPS Remote Instruction Toolkit, which was designed with faculty in mind. Whether you are new to remote instruction or have years of experience, this toolkit will provide you with recommendations, worksheets, and templates for building an engaging remote learning community. It will cover pedagogical and assessment tools and strategies to help you bring best practices to life.

Note: The pedagogical strategies within this toolkit are not only best practices for remote instruction, but can be easily transitioned to in-person instruction.

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Samuel F. B. Morse was named professor of sculpture and painting in 1832. Morse consulted NYU chemistry professor Leonard Gale while perfecting his invention of the telegraph in the old University Building, initiating NYU’s long tradition of innovation.

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How to Use

Step into the toolkit at the point that best fits your needs. The persistent left-hand navigation allows access to all aspects of the toolkit.

Step 1: Exploring the Technology Essentials

Step 2: Choosing the Instructional Strategies

Step 3: Planning your Assessment Strategies

Step 4: Preparing a Remote Syllabus

Step 5: Structuring your Course in NYU Classes

Step 6: Creating Educational Video

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The CAES team has embedded Google Docs, Sheets, and Forms throughout this toolkit. To download these documents, click on this icon.

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Clarity of expectations, purposeful learning activities, and authentic assessments are keys to remote instruction course design.

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This site was developed by NYU SPS Center for Academic Excellence and Support following the NYU Remote-Instruction mandate as a result of COVID-19.This site is evergreen, and will continue to grow and develop. All requests about content should go to

Last Updated On: June 11, 2020