Curriculum Intent:

Music, as an expressive art, has the power to allow everyone to communicate through its unique language of sound and transcend other barriers of communication. We ensure that our pupils are given the necessary tools of music language to be able to fully participate. Through music, many hidden curricular objectives are served, and the physical, as well as the mental benefits make music a very important contributor to the whole education of the child. The department promotes equal opportunities in all forms and constantly relates to and refers music in school, to music in the outside world.

It is the aim of the department for all children to enjoy music. They should be involved in as practical a way as possible in order to broaden their interests, knowledge and awareness of music generally, as well as bringing out each child’s potential. The department believes in an active musical experience for pupils and a large number regularly participate in bands, choirs and ensembles.


Practical activities in the classroom will involve pupils in the handling of sound through a variety of learning experiences, appropriate and sequential to their musical development. The three areas of study – listening to, composing and performing music bring about in pupils a need to acquire and deepen skills, in order to participate fully in the variety of experiences open to them. Music must be interactive if they are to build up musical ‘wholeness’.


Through good classroom management, we hope to allow the teacher to cater for special educational needs and physical impairment. Well designed schemes of work stimulate the most able, support the least and still aim to bring out the potential in each child. 

Please see our Curriculum Map below:

Learning Journey Sept 2023 LBHS Map for Website.pdf