Curriculum intent:

Geography equips students with skills that allow them to evaluate all aspects of the ever changing world around them so they understand how they can make a difference. The Geography Department at Les Beaucamps aims to give students a sense of awe and wonder of the World around them. By learning how and why things happen in our beautiful World students should develop a respect and love for their planet. The teaching and learning within the Department is aimed to give students skills for life. A variety of independent study and group work help students to become independent learners as well as team players.

The Aims of the Geography Department:

  • For students to have an understanding of their place in the world and their responsibility as a global citizen

  • For students to have a desire to learn more about the world around them

  • For the students to be able to use the skills and knowledge that they gain in Geography to apply to their lives and future careers.

See below for the Geography Key Stage 3 Curriculum Map.

  • Mrs Emma Worthington (Head of Department)

  • ​Mr Nick Roberts