At Les Beaucamps High School we believe in a knowledge rich approach. We aim to provide students with a broad, balanced and knowledge rich curriculum. The core aims of our curriculum are as follows:

Core Aims:

Our curriculum is developed in conjunction with two supporting documents - The Bailiwick of Guernsey Big Picture Curriculum- (see overview below) and the Guernsey Subject Specific Entitlement Documents. Our Subject Leaders are currently striving to develop their subject curriculums in order to meet our Core Aims. 

The Guernsey Big Picture Curriculum and therefore our school curriculum has four core purposes, that enable our learners to become: 

  • Key Stage 3

At KS3, our aim is to build knowledge and enjoyment in a range of subjects for their own sake, rather than as simply working towards GCSE courses. 

We have a three-year Key Stage 3 where students do not follow GCSE pathways or have their curriculum narrowed. We believe students should have a broad and balanced curriculum for as long as possible, thus enabling them to access the arts and technology subjects for at least 3 years. It also allows our students to make informed decisions when selecting their Key Stage 4 subjects. Students with additional needs may have support both academically and socio-emotionally, and therefore their curriculum may be adapted to meet their needs. 

In the January of  Year 9, students select their GCSE options. They are supported with this process through individual conversations with students and their families. The process is managed carefully to ensure students make choices that enable them to have the best chance of success and achieve their potential.

At Key Stage 3 students have the following number of lessons per subject, each lesson is 50 minutes long.

An example KS3 timetale:

  • Key Stage 4

Our Key Stage 4 curriculum takes place over 2 years. All students study Maths, English and Science, and the majority of students will also study English Literature.

Students are required to select four option subjects from from at least three of the subject blocks below: 

This ensures that a number of our students follow the full Ebacc suite and demonstrates the high level of aspiration we have for them.

Further details of the option subjects available can be found in the options booklet located here.  

Students will also complete two lessons of Core PE and 1 PSHCE lesson per week. 

In addition, there are occasions where students may complete an additional GCSE (e.g.: Russian Language GCSE).

An example KS4 timetable: