Curriculum intent:

At LBHS we want to build numerate, resilient students who can apply their mathematical knowledge and are on a planned and purposeful journey to expertise. We recognise that Mathematics is the means on which technological, industrial, military, economic, and political systems rely.

To support this there are three core skills that interweave through our curriculum:

  • Proportional Reasoning: many aspects of mathematics and indeed life have proportional relationships, where as one value increases so does another. This applies everywhere from recipes to straight line graphs, to the speed a car travels at relative to distance and time.

  • Estimate and check: provides a valuable skill in order to check your work, but this transfers into a life skill in order to be able to estimate the size or quantity or check whether you have enough money to pay for your shopping.

  • Pattern finding: when approaching unfamiliar areas of mathematics it can be useful to look for a pattern, this can be applied to visual problems such as how many planks of wood to create a fence or to number based patterns.

It is imperative that we share the joy of learning mathematics, ensuring our students are able to apply their knowledge to both familiar and unfamiliar problems now and in the future.

See below for our Staged Complete maths curriculum for Key Stage 3. Learners will be allocated a stage upon arriving at Les Beaucamps High School. They will then move through each stage on a yearly basis, ensuring they develop a sound understanding of the mathematical concepts before moving on to the next stage.