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Welcome to the EAL Toolkit!

If you were looking for the " ERLC Supporting English Language Learners" website, you are in the right place.  We've just done a few updates and added many more resources to support you in your work with English as an Additional Language (EAL) students and their families.

If you are looking for a particular item from the old version of the website, you can find them under the "Archived Pages" tab. 

What brings you to the EAL Toolkit?

Are you... 

This site is designed to provide support for Alberta K-12 teachers, District EAL Leads, Inclusive Education Coordinators, and Administrators from the moment of intake to programming for EAL students. 

You will find a rich array of forms, guidelines, tools and routines to maximize EAL students' language development.   Because of the amount of information connected to this website, some documents may need an extra moment to load.  

The increasing diversity of languages spoken at home highlights the expanding number of linguistically and culturally diverse learners entering the classroom.  These students bring a unique set of assets that are developed in their homes and communities, including moving across languages, working with others, and learning about themselves and the world.  These students' diverse lingusitic, cultural, and experiential backgrounds contribute to a vibrant and welcoming school community.

Glossary of Acronyms 

EAL - English as an Additional Language  - The Field

EAL Learner - English as an Additional Language Learner - These students know one or more languages and are presently learning English.

ELP - English Language Proficiency -  Student's language skill level

ELD - English Language Development

L1 - The first language of the learner - also called Mother tongue or Home language.

L2 - Second language of the learner - The new language a student is learning; L3 - third language; L4 - fourth language....

LFS - Limited formal schooling - These students have arrived with minimal prior schooling.

ML - Multilingual Learners - Students whose parent or guardian reports speaking one or more languages other than English at home.  MLs may or may not qualify for English language support, depending on their level of English proficiency.

SIFE - Student with interrupted formal education (There are gaps in their schooling)

CLD - Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (A synonym for EAL students, but this term is broader; it recognizes that the needs of this demographic of students go beyond learning English and extend to acknowledging their linguistic and cultural assets)

You may notice the term 'ELL' (English Language Learner) used in some resources across the site.  While this acronym is still used, to align with Alberta Education's new guidelines (2023), new resources created and added will use 'EAL' (English as an Additional Language).

2023 Multicultural Calendar.pdf

2023 Multicultural Calendar

The Multicultural Calendar provides information about the diverse monthly observances.  Page 31 of the pdf above provides a summary of religious holidays in 2023 to assist with planning school events. 

For more information and resources, see the Electronic Version

Language of the Month

Celebrate a wide range of languages and cultural heritages while igniting an interest in diverse experiences and ideas.

Language of the Month Resources:

Many thanks to the following districts who shared resources and collaborated to build this site so that all may benefit. Our goal for working together was so that all educators and EAL Leads across the province are better able to help EAL students feel welcome and supported.