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Happy Summer!

Just a quick message to say a big thank you for another lovely year in Carlow Educate Together. This was our school's tenth year in existence and it's been a wonderful year. We're looking forward to seeing everyone back in late August and hope that whatever plans you have, are filled with sun and happiness.

Calendar 2018-19

The school calendar is now available. You can access it by clicking here. A copy of the calendar can be seen at the bottom of this newsletter.

School Reports

You can now view and download your child's report using the Aladdin app. We have sent out instructions how to access your child's report. The app also allows you to change information such as phone numbers, email addresses, etc. It also allows you to receive messages from the school instantly.

Library Books

It's really important that all library books are returned to our library if they are taken out. There are currently 144 of our books out on loan or lost. While we love children taking out books and enjoying them, it's equally important that they give them back.


We have finalised our plans for homework for 2018-19, which we hope will accommodate all needs as we move from more traditional practices to a more personalised and motivating experience.


We will be interviewing for teachers in early July and will let you know the outcome as soon as possible so you know the name of the teacher that will be teaching your child. We will also be recruiting two cleaners in September. If you know anyone that may be interested, please tell them to look out for an advertisement.

Regular Updates

Breakfast Club

Our Breakfast Club is open for all children from 8:30am Monday to Friday. Come and join Gary and Laura for a slice of toast, juice and a chat before starting the day. There's no need to sign up - simply show up in the morning,

Cake Fridays

Join the Parents’ Group for their weekly Cake Fridays in the Parent Room after drop off.

Homework Club

The homework club had completed now for the year. It will be back next term.

Attendance and Lateness

We are monitoring attendance carefully this year.

Attendance this month is 93.5%. This is a slight improvement on last year but we really need to get to 95% at least.

Please ensure that your child is in school on time. The school opens at 8:30am for breakfast club and 8:35am for morning supervision. Classes start at 8:50am and all children must be in school by then. There are a number of children coming to school after 9am and classes are well underway by then. Our attendance team will be in touch to talk to families of children where this is proving to be a persistent issue.

Second Level Campaign

Please register your interest if you’d like Carlow to have a second level Educate Together school. https://secure.jotformpro.com/form/52224353965962. The group also has a Facebook Page, which we’d recommend you to join.


We’re always thrilled to have parents and families volunteering in the school. We had over 100 parents in school last year and we’d love to see more of you.

Nut Allergy

We have three pupils and one staff member in our school with nut allergies. It is vital that no nuts ever come into our school. We cannot police every lunchbox so we are relying on you to cooperate with our nut ban.

Social Media

You can find us on various social media platforms:

YouTube – Search for Carlow Educate Together

Facebook – http://facebook/com/carlowetns

Twitter – http://twitter.com/carlowetns

Instagram - http://instagram/carlowetns

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