A September to Remember!

Welcome to our first newsletter of the school year. This is Carlow Educate Together's 10th year and we now have almost 320 pupils and over 30 staff. We welcomed a number of new teachers to our school: Laura, John, Gary, Susie, Emily and Sharon and we were delighted to offer permanent contracts to Mark and Tricia. We were also delighted to welcome over 50 new Junior Infants and they have settled in really nicely and we're very proud of them. We were also very happy to announce Clare as our Acting Deputy Principal while Emer is job sharing this year. Finally, big congratulations were due to Angela who had a baby during the summer.

It's been a very busy September in the school with lots of fun to be had and we share all of our news on our website and Facebook page. We'll share a few photographs later in the newsletter for a flavour. We also had a Parents' Committee AGM and we're delighted to announce Jenny Doyle as the new chairperson for 2017-18. We wish her and the committee the very best and look forward to working with them. If you want to get involved in any activities throughout the year, we'd love to see you.

We also changed the traffic management system in the school. Simon went through the process that the school undertook to ensure that every type of road user would be catered for as best as possible within the confines of the grounds. We are looking into a way we can coerce parents back to the front of the school if they are parking rather than hanging around the basketball courts. Please feel free to come around the front and admire our new trophy cabinet and painted entrance! Thanks to Solomon for the lovely makeover.

I hope you enjoy the rest of the newsletter and until next time, keep happy, safe and learning.

Things you need to know...


Please continue to observe our parking system. From October, we will no longer have volunteers on duty every day. If everyone uses the system correctly, the site can be cleared in less than 8 minutes from when the children come out of classes. A huge thank you to Liz, Rhonda, Maria, Lily and Solomon for helping us out. If you are standing around looking for something to do, a bit of help is always appreciated.


We currently give traditional homework from Tuesday to Thursday. On Mindful Mondays, we offer you the opportunity to do something mindful with your family with some suggestions below. We are always revising our homework policy and many of you might be seeing this topic coming up in the media more and more.

  1. One Moment Video
  2. Mindful Colouring in Silence
  3. Family Walk
  4. Play a Board Game

Book Money

The 30th September was the deadline for paying for books or for contacting the school to arrange a payment scheme for the year. Anyone who did this has received a special thank you present. The reason for this incentive is so the school can budget for the year. If you are unable to pay for books, you will have been reminded many times to contact the school before Friday and your child would have received the gift. If you have forgotten to do so, please ensure to contact the school before the first Friday in October.

Collecting Children from other families

if you are collecting a child other than your own at any time, please make sure to speak to Siobhan first. If it is a case that you are picking up someone else's child at the end of the day, please let the class teacher know that you are doing so.

Regular Updates

Breakfast Club

Our Breakfast Club is open for all children from 8:30am Monday to Friday. Come and join Clare and some 6th class helpers for a slice of toast, juice and a chat before starting the day. There's no need to sign up - simply show up in the morning,

Cake Fridays and Knitting Club

Join the Parents’ Group for their weekly Cake Fridays and Knitting Club in the Parent Room after drop off.

Homework Club

The homework club is running well with nearly 20 pupils taking part. To sign up, contact the office and we will give you a call.

Attendance and Lateness

We are monitoring attendance carefully this year.

Attendance per month is

September: 93%

Overall: 93% | Target: 95%

  • Already we have 2 pupils that have missed 10 days of school or more. While we understand some parents may have returned late to school after the holidays, it is deeply important that children come to school every day.
  • We will be monitoring lateness in more detail in October. Please ensure to arrive in school within good time so your child is in his/her classroom by 8:50am.

Please ensure that your child is in school on time. The school opens at 8:30am for breakfast club and 8:35am for morning supervision. Classes start at 8:50am and all children must be in school by then. There are a number of children coming to school after 9am and classes are well underway by then. Our attendance team will be in touch to talk to families of children where this is proving to be a persistent issue.

Second Level Campaign

Please register your interest if you’d like Carlow to have a second level Educate Together school. The group also has a Facebook Page, which we’d recommend you to join.


We’re always thrilled to have parents and families volunteering in the school. We had over 150 parents in school last year and we’d love to see more of you.

Nut Allergy

We have three pupils and a staff member in our school with nut allergies. It is vital that no nuts ever come into our school. We cannot police every lunchbox so we are relying on you to cooperate with our nut ban.

Upcoming Dates For Your Diary


  • 12th-13th: Khan Book Fair
  • 13th: GOAL Jersey Day
  • 17th-19th: Dogs' Trust Visit
  • 27th: Autumnfest

Social Media

You can find us on various social media platforms:

YouTube – Search for Carlow Educate Together

Facebook – http://facebook/com/carlowetns

Twitter –

Pictures from around the Classes

You can see all of our news on our school website or Facebook Page. These pictures are a selection of everything going on in the school.