BHAASHIK (Balodyan Hosted Absolutely Awesome Summer Hindi Immersion Kamp) - 2013

BHAASHIK 2013 happenings :   Day 1    Day 2    Day 3     Day 4     Day 5   

BHAASHIK 2013 was a week-long summer Hindi immersion camp held from August 5th August 12th, 2013 at Balodyan's Buffalo Grove location.

BHAASHIK - 2013's aim was to stimulate and enrich learners' imaginations and make learning a new language fun through various hands on activities and use of web 2.0 technology tools. Students were immersed in three modes of communication, as they learnt to interpret instruction in culturally rich contexts (some familiar, some new), interacted with the teacher and other learners while engaging in playful activities and presented their learning in the form of a letter to relatives, an animoto about their family and classroom chit-chat.

Kids learnt to speak, read and write Hindi in playful ways through stories, sports, hands on activities such as preparing meals, nature arts, and games. They were immersed in the language and culture of Hindi through games like carom, gillii-DaNDaa, cards and movies. 

Hindi was used 90% of the time inside and outside the classroom. 

 Camp objective was to facilitate learning of Hindi through 5 C's (propounded by ACTFL) - communication (interpersonal, interpretive and presentational), culture (perspectives, practices and products), comparison (of cultures and languages), connections (with other disciplines such as science, health, arts, math and distinctive view-points), and communities (taking learning beyond the classroom and becoming life-long learners).