A to Z in Hindi by Vidya Nahar

Vidya has written topic-wise Hindi vocabulary lists for learners of Hindi. These are organized alphabetically in topics such as Animals, Birds, Colors, Days, Emotions, Flowers and Fruits, etc. all the way up to Z in Hindi.

Each word is given in English, its Hindi synonym transliterated in English and Hindi synonym in Devnagari (Hindi) script. These lists can be used as handy references, as teaching and learning tools for differentiated learning, and as language builders. Hope all learners and teachers of Hindi find these lists invaluable and very useful.

You may buy the two volumes of A to Z in Hindi as printed copies or download as E-books from Google Play.

For buying printed copies of A to Z in Hindi Volume 1 and Volume 2, please email vidya@vyayam.com and make a Zelle / Venmo payment to vidya@vyayam.com of $20 per copy + $15 shipping (for one or two books). Volume discounts are available, if you want to buy printed copies for your students / classrooms / organizations / family members. Each copy will be $15, if buying more than 10 copies in any combination. You may also send checks payable to Vidya Nahar / Balodyan (1165, Alden Lane, Buffalo Grove, IL, 60089, U.S.A.) for the required amount.

These vocabulary lists are best accompanied by A to Z in Hindi picture dictionary developed by Vidya Nahar.

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