Hindi Learner 1 Text-Book

Hindi Learner - 1 by Vidya Nahar is a 48 page easy guide for a new learner of Hindi.

It contains Hindi words and sentences in Devnagari script along with English translation and transliteration.

This is an excellent resource as a first year learning guide / text-book / work-book for weekly Hindi class learners.

Along with several word lists to practice Hindi writing and reading, this book contains lessons and activities for practical conversational skills, such as, talking in gender-specific language about self, family, friends, daily and weekly routine, weekend activities, likes and dislikes, body parts, colors, fruits, vegetables, holidays, daily use phrases, and questions.

The learners will also be introduced to adjectives / adverbs / post-positions / present tense / past tense / future tense through content.

Learners can listen to Vidya's reading of this book and practice their own reading / speaking at : https://voicethread.com/share/12723695/

For buying a printed copy of the Hindi Learner - 1, please email vidya@vyayam.com and make a Zelle / Venmo payment to vidya@vyayam.com of $30 per copy ($25 + $5 shipping).

Volume discounts are available, if you want to buy printed copies for your students / classrooms / organizations / family members.

Each copy will be $20, if buying more than 10 copies + $15 shipping fee for the entire order.

You may also send checks payable to Vidya Nahar / Balodyan (1165, Alden Lane, Buffalo Grove, IL, 60089, U.S.A.) for the required amount.

This book is best accompanied by the two volumes of "A to Z in Hindi" , and "A to Z in Hindi Picture Dictionary" written by Vidya Nahar.

These are topic-wise vocabulary lists / picture dictionary in Hindi, with topics such as, animals in Hindi, birds in Hindi, colors in Hindi, etc., listed in the alphabetical order of English words with Hindi translation and English transliteration of Hindi words.

A set of Hindi Learner-1, A to Z in Hindi Picture Dictionary, and the two volumes of A to Z in Hnidi (4 books) is available for $70 + $10 shipping (= total $80).

While these books were inspired by learners of Hindi at Balodyan, beginning learners everywhere will find these as valuable resources for learning Hindi.

Happy conversing, reading, writing in Hindi.