Chinmaya Mission STARTALK Summer Hindi Online Camp (CMSSHOC) - 2021

Learner Application

Thank you for your interest in CMSSHOC-2021. 

1) Enrollment process for CMSSHOC - 2021 is now CLOSED. Thank you for your overwhelming response. We have 20 applicants on the waiting list currently. Have a great summer ahead.

Enrollment for applicants in the above age range will be processed on first come first serve basis. Applicants outside the above age range will be placed on the waiting list. Their applications will be considered on case by case basis, if we don't receive forty eight qualified & complete applications for ages between 8-10 years by ​May 8, 2021. Our spots fill up quite fast, so everybody is requested to enroll with all necessary documentation as soon as possible. 

2) Please sign the STARTALK Consent Form (one per learner) :

3) Please have your child orally record their brief intro and the reason for attending this camp (in Hindi or in English) at :  

You will need to register with for a free account with your name / password / email to record the voice / video comment at the link ( Please click the + sign at the bottom center of the slide at the link ( to record and save your comment. Please listen to the director's comment at the Voicethread link ( Please DO NOT CREATE your own Voicethread. 

Voicethread will be used extensively for spoken asynchronous assignments in this camp, so it is vitally important that you familiarize yourself with this tool. It works across all platforms - desktops, laptops, tablets, phones.

After you submit the 1) enrollment application at the above link, 2) STARTALK consent at the above link, and 3) record your (learner's) comment at the above Voicethread link, please print, read, sign, scan, and email the three documents below separately for each learner that you are enrolling for this camp, along with their birth certificate to Smt. Vasanthi Rangarajan at within three business days of submitting your application online. Please mention in your email to Vasanthi ji that you've completed all the three steps above, and that you're enclosing the three documents (Learner Code of Conduct, Waiver of Liability, and Photo Waiver) given below, and the birth certificate with your email. 

Your child's enrollment application isn't complete until all three steps above are completed, and until the three documents below along with the learner's birth certificate have been emailed to Vasanthi ji.

1) CMSSHOC-2021 Learner Code of Conduct 

2) CMSSHOC-2021 Waiver of Liability 

3) CMSSHOC-2021 Photo / Audio / Video / Talent Waiver 

You'll be informed of your child's acceptance in CMSSHOC-2021 by May 31, 2021.