Complaints, Concerns and Praise

All feedback is a gift to help us make our best even better ...

From time to time, we may get something wrong. We recognise this and hope to learn from the experience. Working within an open, honest and mutually trusting relationship we will always listen, investigate and seek to find a resolution that satisfies everyone.

Equally, you may feel that we are doing a particularly good job with something that helps you. We would love to hear about it too!

It is sincerely hoped that parents would raise any concern they may have in the first instance with the class teacher. If you feel that the issue is not dealt with appropriately the Director of Safeguarding & Well-being or Principal will be happy to speak to you.

Some of the members of the Parent, Community Advisory Board are parents of pupils in the school who would be happy to pass on any issues you would like to raise within their meetings.

It is always best to call in and sort out the small problems immediately before they grow into big ones! Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

If parents wish to make a formal complaint, however, details of the procedure are available in the Complaints policy.

However, if you feel that some aspect of the academy deserves praising, then please don’t hesitate to let us know too!

Please click here to view the Complaints Policy