Attendance, Absence and Holidays

If your child is ill, it is essential that you inform school as soon as possible by telephone, via Facebook Message or in person, as we have a statutory obligation to monitor attendance of all our pupils.

Attendance at Caldicotes Primary Academy 2023-2024

‘It is the duty of the parent with parental responsibility to ensure their child is in attendance every time the Academy is open, unless they are prevented from doing so by reason of genuine illness or any unavoidable cause.’  Education Act 1996

We expect your child’s attendance to be in the academy everyday possible, if they are not, then attendance procedures will be put in place.

Taking children out of the academy 

We realise that from time to time it is necessary to take children out of the academy during academy hours to attend hospital appointments etc, but it is important that you let the Admin. team know in advance, especially if the appointment goes over lunchtime. We require evidence of the appointment - letter, text or appointment card.   Our pupils may access a variety of learning opportunities which may not be on site, so if you arrive to take them to an appointment without prior notice, they may not be on the ground to collect.

First day of absence

If your child is absent from the academy, you must contact us on the first day, either by telephone, via Facebook or in person. We cannot accept a child telling us about another child's absence, it must be reported by a responsible adult. If you have not contacted us you will either receive a text message or telephone call.  If we are unable to contact you then their absence will be unauthorised, which will lead to further action being taken.

Third day of absence

If your child is still absent, you will be contacted for an update. This will either be through a telephone call or a home visit. This is for safeguarding reasons. If we home visit, we will insist on seeing your child, if we do not see your child we will contact social services, and in some cases the police. We may also require medical evidence.

Long term illness

 If your child has an illness that may affect them long term, we will require evidence from a medical professional and we will meet with the family to discuss care plans and how we can work together to ensure the child’s education is not disrupted.

Attendance below 97%

 If your child’s attendance drops below 97% you will receive a letter informing you that your child’s attendance will be monitored. If their attendance does not improve then you will be invited to a meeting, where the school nurse and social worker will be in attendance. Following this, if attendance has still not improved then we will go down the legal route. You will become involved in an Attendance Case Conference (ACC) this will be a formal meeting, and an action plan will be created. You will be expected to attend these meetings. If the action plan is not adhered to, you will then be issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice, which to date is £60 per parent, per child and if it is not paid within 30 days, the fine will double to £120.


Holidays in term time

 If you do choose to take your child on holiday during term time then you must complete a holiday request form, at least 2 weeks before your holiday.  Holidays are very rarely authorised and only would be in extreme circumstances. We ask you to complete the form for safeguarding reasons. If you do not, then the procedures under the Third day of absence heading will be followed. If your child has 10 unauthorised sessions (5 days) then you will receive a Fixed Penalty Notice.

No parent can demand leave of absence for the purpose of a holiday as a right. 


It is essential that your child arrives at the academy on time. The morning bell rings for children to enter school at 8.40am, so that all our KS1 and KS2 pupils enter via the veranda steps in the KS2 playground.  A prompt, punctual start to the day sets a positive tone for learning for the rest of the day.  Being just 5 minutes late each day adds up to 16 hours of lost learning time over the year! If your child is late they may miss out on feedback, targeted support that would assist them to become the best that they can be - every minute really does count!

Our Year 6 pupils' day begins a little earlier at 8.15am when they enjoy a healthy breakfast followed by an early start to their learning in their own breakfast hub.


As part of our commitment to our children we celebrate and reward their efforts and that of their families when attendance meets our expectations.

97%+ & 100% attendance

Remember Miss Barry says: If you 're not in, you can't win!