Behaviour & Rewards

All our pupils are expected to be 5 Star Learners.

Our pupils aim to be 'Caldicotes' REBELS' in their learning:

  • Respect

  • Empower

  • Believe

  • Enlighten

  • Learn

  • Succeed

Our approach

We recognise all 'behaviour is communication' and as such, we review and reflect on pupils' behaviours - both appropriate and inappropriate - and seek to challenge, support and reward consistently and fairly. We believe that children who are treated in this way will relate to others fairly and consistently. Adults within the academy are regarded as good role models that children will willingly follow. We must always be mindful that; what children see, they do!

We continue to regularly revisit the principles of the approach to discipline in the academy through staff meetings and to ensure effective and consistent implementation of the approach. Children recognise that there are consequences to any inappropriate behaviour and not meeting the academy 5 Star Learner Expectations.

Each class will award a 'Super 5 Star Learner' of the week. That person will have the 5 Star Learner award on their desk for the following week and will receive a certificate in the Celebration assembly each Friday and sit on the '5 Star Learner Superstar bench.'

Children are aware of the need to meet the 5 Star Learner Expectations and the consequences if they do not.

A variety of 'treats' are scheduled at 3 points across the year for those children who do not accumulate more than 10 'behaviour points' in that term. Treats have included visits to the cinema, indoor play area with suggestions from the children of swimming, bowling, visit to the park being considered for future events.

Children are rewarded for meeting our 5 Star Learner Expectations by being awarded 'House Rebels'. They collect the individually then combine them to form a House Team Total. The House Team with the greatest Rebel Team points each week goes for lunch first on the following Monday.

Other rewards include:

  • MarvellousMe messages

  • Texts & tweets

  • Certificates for attendance & punctuality - spot prizes for most improved attendance in a term;

  • Best class attendance - hot chocolate & cookies treat from Miss Barry

  • Top Table award for excellent lunchtime behaviour, manners and using a knife and fork correctly - lunch with Mrs Steele

  • Green 5 Star Community Champion award - being a 5 Star Learner in the community - awarded by community members (shops, PCSO)

  • Bully Buster of the week - Chief Bully Busters award to the best from the amazing team of Bully Busters

Principal Awards

Mrs Steele, the Principal issues her very special award in recognition of hard work, extra effort with a task, achievement of a difficult task/concept or for especially good work. Family members are invited to the Awards Assembly each week to hear their child (and sometimes demonstrate) explain why they have received the award.

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