School Lunches

Our School Lunches are cooked off site by the kitchen staff at Cornhill Primary School.

They follow the menu set by Aberdeen City Council.

All pupils from P1 – P3 receive free school dinners supported by the Scottish Government.

All pupils are issued a 'Kidz Card' on entry to P1. Once in P4, parents/guardians are issued a letter with details on how to ‘top up’ their card using an online payment facility. To 'top up' your child's card you will need your their 'Kidz Card' number - if you do not have it you can call 03000 200 293 to get it. Weekly e-mails and top up text alerts can be set up so your child’s card always has credit.

Each day your child will use their 'Kidz Card' to select their meal. They place it on a card reader and the choices available to them will appear on the whiteboard for selection. Their selection then transfers to our kitchen staff who will serve them at lunch.

Further information about Aberdeen City Council School Meal can be found here.

for further information on Free School Meals which are available to families who qualify.

Summer Menu 2021

Primary School Menu Summer '21 (3).pdf