P 7 - S1 Transition

Entry to secondary school is dependent on the child’s home address.

The designated secondary school for all pupils who are zoned for Skene Square is Aberdeen Grammar School.

Skene Square School has excellent links with both Aberdeen Grammar School and it’s associated primary schools. This allows for a well structured transition programme with visits for our pupils to Aberdeen Grammar. Specialist teachers from Aberdeen Grammar School also visit and team teach and deliver a unit of work in Skene Square during term 4.

Parents/carers are invited to an Information Evening prior to the formal visits starting when they can meet staff and learn about the work and life of the school.

For those parents/carers who wish their child to attend a secondary school outwith their zoned school (according to residence not primary school attended), a Placing Request form should be completed at the appropriate time of the school year.

Arrangements for pupils attending other Secondary Schools within Aberdeen City are similar with opportunities to visit the school and participate in the transition programme.

For those pupils with Additional Support needs an extended transition is planned for with the secondary school and with liaison with pupil, parents/carers. For those pupils with an additional pastoral need an extended transition programme will be supported by the Youth Development Team.