Religious and Moral Education

Religious and moral education helps children to explore the world’s major religions and views which are independent of religious belief, and to be challenged by these different beliefs and values.

Skene Square Primary School is very much a multi-denominational school where all religious beliefs are respected.

Religious and Moral Education is taught in Skene Square with these broad aims in mind and reflects council and national policies.

We have a structured programme, which is taught by class teachers. Included in our R.E. programme is the study of Christianity and other world religions. This encourages harmony, appreciation and consideration for the beliefs of others. While studying R.E., classes may make visits to local churches and other sacred buildings.

It is recognised that the Education (Scotland) Act 1980 allows parents to withdraw their children from certain religious instruction and observance, and parents wishing to do so should contact the Head Teacher to allow any arrangements to be made. Parents from varying ethnicities/ religious communities may also request that their children be permitted to be absent from school in order to celebrate recognised religious events; written requests should again be directed to the Head Teacher.