Numeracy and Mathematics

At Skene Square Primary School we aim to equip our pupils with a sound grasp of numeracy and mathematics concepts, many of which they will require for life, learning and work.

Within Numeracy and Mathematics there are three organisers:

- Number, Money and measure

- Shape, position and movement

- Information Handling.

With an aim of developing fluency and confidence in maths and numeracy, all of our pupils participate in Number Talks as part of maths lessons. The focus during number talks is not necessarily about gaining the correct answer but it provides the teacher with an opportunity to listen to and follow their pupil’s thinking and therefore adapt their teaching. At the same time pupils are deepening their understanding of mathematical concepts and processes.

Jo Boaler from Stanford University has made a really good video about the basics of Number Talks. Please watch it to learn about more!

At Skene Square, Numicon is a resource which is used widely across the school and nursery and supports children’s ability to visualise numbers and number patterns.

You can find out more out Numicon by clicking on the image above.