Positive Behaviour

At Skene Square Primary school we aim provide an atmosphere of mutual respect and collective responsibility, as per our school values. Pupils, parents and teachers all have an important role to play in achieving this. We try to teach children to be responsible citizens and make good choices. As a staff we lead by example and use praise and encouragement to support pupils.

Skene Square School has a clear Behaviour Management Strategy which is displayed in each learning area. Discipline is essential to good learning situations. At Skene Square School we do not tolerate negative behaviour and we aim to work in partnership with parents if pupils are struggling in school to follow the expected standards of behaviour.

Skene Square Behaviour Policy 2017_2.pdf
Skene Square Behaviour Policy 2017_3.pdf

Through delivery of our Health and Wellbeing curriculum and through the positive relationships across and within the school, our pupils are encouraged to share with an adult if they feel they are being bullied. This will be dealt with in accordance with Aberdeen City Council’s Anti- Bullying Policy.