Health and Wellbeing

At Skene Square School we are very proud of the positive ethos that collectively the school community has created.  Our school values help to ensure that everyone involved with the life of the school has an understanding and shared responsibility in order to maintain this nurturing learning environment.

Through Health and Wellbeing we ensure that all children are:

These are more commonly known as the SHANARRI Wellbeing indicators.

Health and Wellbeing is organised under the following headings:

- Mental and emotional, social and physical wellbeing

- Planning for choices and changes

- Physical education, physical activity and sport

- Food and health

- Substance misuse

Across the whole school a programme called Bounceback is delivered with the aim of equipping our pupils with the skills they require to develop and maintain healthy relationships and to build resilience. 

At Skene Square this programme is planned so that key concepts/themes are taught with age and stage progression so that there is a shared language/vocabulary across the school. This way of delivering the programme also supports our positive behaviour policy.

As part of our curriculum and in accordance to the National Childsmile Toothbrushing programme, our children from Nursery class through Primary 2 are supported with toothbrushing awareness and activities.  

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