Getting it right for every child (GIRFEC) supports families by making sure children and young people can receive the right help, at the right time, from the right people.

Most children and young people get all the help and support they need from their parent(s), wider family and community but sometimes, perhaps unexpectedly, they may need a bit of extra help.

GIRFEC is a way for families to work in partnership with people who can support them, such as teachers, doctors and nurses.

Wellbeing (SHANARRI)

The Getting it right for every child (GIRFEC) approach supports children and young people so that they can grow up feeling loved, safe and respected and can realise their full potential. At home, in school or the wider community, every child and young person should be:

  • Safe

  • Healthy

  • Achieving

  • Nurtured

  • Active

  • Respected

  • Responsible

  • Included

These eight factors are often referred to by their initial letters – SHANARRI.

They are wellbeing indicators which help make it easier for children and families and the people working with them to discuss how a child or young person is doing at a point in time and if there is a need for support.

Each child is unique and there is no set level of wellbeing that children should achieve. Wellbeing is influenced by children’s individual experiences and changing needs as they grow.

Here at Skene Square Nursery we refer to the SHANARRI Indicators/characters as our 'Care Crew' and have named the Characters and also created our own 'Super Shanarri' to include talking about our feelings and emotions. Below is a short description of each character as well as their name given by our nursery children in 2018.

'Safe Sid'

I know how to keep myself safe and who I can ask to help me.

'Healthy Harry'

I eat a balanced diet, exercise, clean my teeth, wash my body and have friends.

'Achieving Ally'

I have the chance to learn, practice to get better, win, work hard and be told how great I am.

'Nurtured Nancy'

I have family, friends and places where I know I belong.

'Active Andy'

I can exercise, play, dance, take part in games and go on outdoor adventures.

'Responsible Rhona'

I can follow instructions, be a role model, help others and follow rules.

'Respected Ronnie'

I am listened to and my ideas are valued. I also have the chance to get involved and make choices.

'Included Isla'

I have family and friends. I get the chance to work together and take part in different things and my voice is heard.

Super Shanarri!

This is our own Shanarri Character - We created him after the having such a long time away from nursery, our aim is to use Super Shanarri to encourage children to discuss how they are feeling and be confident when talking about their emotions around adults and their peers.

We will use him during discussions and activities surrounding emotions and how we feel in order to support children with their expression and understanding around emotions. He will be closely linked with the other members of the Care Crew, our children have since called him 'The Boss' of the care crew, making sure each character is doing their job.

We use these characters daily to support your child’s understanding of their own well-being and how to ensure that these indicators are being met.